Who Is Brandon Davis? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Who is Brandon Davis? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about his journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Quick Facts:

Full Name – Brandon Davis

Hometown – Chattanooga, Tennessee

Musical Influences – Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings


The Beginning:

Today we shine our spotlight on an artist that we have so much respect for both as a person and as an incredible singer-songwriter. Brandon Davis is a true family-man in every sense of the word. His family is his number one priority, and if you are a fan of his music, you know that. His wife and four children are the common thread that is woven throughout his catalog of songs.

Growing up in Chattanooga, Tennessee, out on Highway 58, Davis was the product of a musical family. “My dad and his dad before him, my uncle, my cousins, we were all into music from an early age,” shared the singer. “I grew up around it and loved it all throughout my life, but I had a passion for it and baseball.”

Although he chose to focus on baseball for most of his upbringing, music was always there to greet him. “Music was there the entire time. I had been writing songs since 8th grade. I constantly played shows with my dad in a family band we had for years at a local spot,” shared Davis.

The singer recalls finding inspiration in classic country music, taking a liking to artists like George Jones and Merle Haggard. “But my passion for writing came from, first when I heard my dad tell me that Merle Haggard wrote so many songs throughout his career, and I asked him what it took to write a song and he pulled out this little black box and inside this little black box was all these different papers that were folded up, had a date written on them, and they were stapled shut, and he said all these are different songs that I have written throughout the years,” shared Davis.

When his baseball career did not pan out due to a shoulder injury, the singer-songwriter did not immediately see a path for music.“It never presented itself to me in a way that I felt like I could make it happen from a professional standpoint,” began Davis. “Nobody ever really knows how to get into music, I don’t think there’s a set way to get into music and at the time, I just couldn’t find my own avenue.” He decided to take the ‘safe’ route and went to school, eventually becoming a design engineer.

During this time in his life, he met the love of his life, his now wife, Destiny, and her two children, which he regards as his oldest daughter and son. This soon set him on the trajectory of music unbeknownst to him.

The Turning Point:

Things took a turn when Davis had a life-altering experience, which eventually led him to pursue music as a living. “It got put into perspective for me when I was on my way to work one morning and a distracted driver came through a red light and ran it, and  wound up hitting hit me, head on at a turn on Highway 53.”

Fortunately for Davis, though he suffered many injuries and emergency surgeries, he survived with a renewed sense of life and a supportive wife and children. “Moments like that really put things in perspective that nothing else can,” he shared, adding later that he asked himself questions like, “What have I not accomplished yet? What have I not chased after?”

Ultimately the answer was music. He told his wife that he wanted to take a shot at pursuing music, and so it began. Davis ventured onto social media and started to try to book gigs. As soon as he started to make headway, the pandemic stopped him in his tracks. “We were kind of back to square one, not knowing how to chase this dream.”

Then, his wife found TikTok and it was a game changer. His heartfelt and incredible videos led to a growing fanbase, who eventually started requesting original music. Davis credits his wife for his success so far, “She knew there was something there when I didn’t.”


Flash forward to now, Davis has millions of fans across different platforms and has even opened for artists like Tim McGraw and Russell Dickerson. Check out our video of Davis on tour with the two below…

Now, with his debut album under his belt, it is time for the singer-songwriter to continue to make a name for himself. Most recently, Davis released his brand new single, “Wheels on the Truck.” He entered a writing room alongside, Blake Pendergrass, Rhett Akins, and Will Bundy ready to write a fun and enticing jam. “So this song is just a feel-good tune, and it’s been this way since we wrote it,” began the singer. “It was just a cool way to spin the old wheels on the bus nursery rhyme and it was something that immediately drew all three boys into my mind.”

Davis added later that the single, “brought that 90s country sounds that I’m into and a little bit of a modern feel. [….] I hope it is a little bit of an earworm for everyone.” “It’s literally just a huge circle of life, centered around a truck and it goes from one generation to the next.”

Davis is certainly living up to the mantra he tells his children, “I’m the dad that tells his kids every day, chase your dreams, reach for your goals, and don’t let anyone ever tell you no.”

Fans can anticipate more music in the fall, while we all watch his career take off!


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