Who Is Avery Anna? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

Who is Avery Anna? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Quick Facts:

Full Name – Avery Anna
Birthday – March 2
Hometown – Flagstaff, Arizona
Current City – Nashville, Tennessee
Music Influences – Taylor Swift, Kelsea Ballerini, Carrie Underwood
Label – Warner Music Nashville
Current project- Mood Swings EP (*as of date of article: 10/10/22)

The Beginning:

There is nothing better than championing young women in country music. Last week we shared country newcomer, Avery Anna’s brand new debut EP, Mood Swings, but today we are sharing her journey to where she is now. The young and talented singer-songwriter is an incredible storyteller with music that everyone needs to listen to.

Growing up in Flagstaff, Arizona, Anna always had a love for country music. She shares, “I started singing when I was really young with my grandpa. He would play guitar and I would sing. […] “We would sing traditional country music like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard.” She credits those early experiences with her grandfather as the jumping-off point for why she fell in love with country music.

Anna also started writing music at a young age, after falling in love with Taylor Swift and her unique artistry.

“That’s kind of where my love of country music started and I’ve been keeping a journal, I write my own songs I guess since I was super little,” she began, adding later, “I remember going to a Taylor Swift concert when I was younger and watching her play, and thinking ‘I want to do this so so bad,’ but I never let myself verbally say that’s what I wanted to do for life, because I didn’t want that dream to be taken away from me if that doesn’t happen.”

Despite knowing in her heart that country music was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life, it was scary to admit that out loud. That all changed when social media gave her a platform for her music.

The Turning Point:

Like many of us, when the pandemic started, we went to social media to connect when we were born. For Anna, this started her on a trajectory to a record deal with Warner Music Nashville, but she didn’t know it yet. “When COVID hit during zoom school, I would get really, really bored, and I would go to my mom’s bathroom and I would sing in her big clawfoot bathtub because the acoustics were really good in there, and I posted on TikTok of me doing “Say Something” in there and it blew up.”

The viral video connected her with her managers, which eventually led to her record deal. “We started working together and I started posting my own music, and it’s just kind of taken off from there. It’s been a complete whirlwind,” shared the songstress. I graduated high school in May, so I’m 18, and I moved to Nashville in August and finished my senior year online.”

For Anna, the second she realized she could actually be a singer-songwriter and artist for a living, she was ready to go! “I never let myself have that dream until all the people around me believed in me, and then I was like pedal to the metal, let’s do this thing.”


Anna poured her love for artists like Taylor Swift, Patsy Cline, Zach Bryan, and Kelsea Ballerini into her debut EP, Mood Swings. According to the singer, “This EP touches on a lot of different parts of me as an artist that people haven’t seen yet in my music.”

The brand new project is an honest and incredible introduction to her incredible talent. “The reason that I called it ‘Mood Swings’ is because it has all the extreme emotions that I felt over the past couple of years. […] It kind of takes you on this emotional roller coaster if you listen to it top to bottom or even randomly, but I’m super, super proud of the writer’s on it.”

Songs like “Narcissist,” have already touched so many people across the music landscape “‘Narcissist’ for example has created this huge community on the internet of people who have walked through the same thing as me. And knowing that I wrote a song, created this space on the internet for people to talk about their stories is the most uplifting and comforting feeling in the whole world,” shared the singer.

Anna will continue to draw inspiration from her own life and infuse it into her music. Fans can catch her on tour with Spencer Crandall, and can anticipate more new music coming sooner rather than later! Keep Anna on your radar for sure.


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