What I Learned Writing For NYCountry Swag


In just one week, it will be my two year anniversary writing for NYCountry Swag, and I can honestly say, it has been one of the best decisions I could have ever made. Working for a female-run business has been inspiring, fun, and such a whirlwind! I thought this was the perfect time to reflect on my experiences and to show some appreciation for this company that I have grown to love.


Here are five things I learned from writing for swag.


  1. A lot goes on behind the scenes of running a business.

In two years with NYCS, I have watched and participated in the hustle when I can. I have seen both Stephanie and Christina, wear many hats from creating content to pitching ideas to throwing special events with country artists to running a booth at the local country music festival. The blog is just a small part of the business, and I learned that it takes a lot of time, effort, and passion to make it all work together.


  1. The more invested you are in music, the more you’ll fall in love with it.

I have been a country music fan for a long time, otherwise, I would have never applied to write for NYCS; however, writing album reviews, covering concerts, and creating content for the blog has made me even more knowledgeable about the genre. Subsequently, I have fallen in love with country music and music in general even more. I live for hearing the stories behind the song, and I love hearing how the music was created. I have learned that the more you immerse yourself into something that you care about, the more love, appreciation, and joy you’ll get out of it.


  1. Stephanie and Christina are two of the hardest working and generous girls I know.

I am not just saying this because they have become my friends. These two girls work day and night to make this company what it is. They balance each other so well and truly are the perfect duo, but what makes them an even better pair is their generosity. Taking on a team of writers is no easy feat, but Christina has championed that like no other. She gives her time mentoring writers and even invites writers to learn how to interview artists. The opportunities are there if you work for them. Of course, Stephanie has a heart of gold- she constantly looks for ways to give back to the community, and I cannot count how much money she and Christina have raised for various organizations. Check out The Hero Collection  here to support your local heroes.


  1. The more you write, the better writer you will become.

If you are considering wanting to write for any blog or company, it is important that you enjoy writing and that you have at least a basic knowledge of proper grammar and sentence structure; however, I have learned that the more pieces you write, the better writer you will become. As you write more and more, you will learn to develop your own voice in your pieces, as well as, become more creative as a whole. Both skills are invaluable.


  1. NYCountry Swag is the best.

I am obviously a little biased, but NYCountry Swag is truly is the best. Swag is at the pulse of all things country music and always brings fans new and exciting artists, news, and music to all the social media platforms. I have never been apart of something so special, and I encourage anyone to get involved in any way they can! Interested in learning more about joining our team? Click here.


We cannot wait until the country music scene is back full steam ahead in the New York area, and we look forward to seeing you all out there at shows as soon as it is safe! Until then, we promise to continue bringing you all the content you deserve!



The Hero Collection by NYCountry Swag is inspired by the men and women of the Fire, Police and Military Departments across the country. A portion of sales from each purchase is donated to different foundations that support our heroes. We are dedicated to honoring their service and remembering their sacrifice.


Thank You for supporting Country Music in NYC & Beyond!

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