Tyler Hilton Sells Out City Winery in New York City

Tyler Hilton

This past Saturday night (Mar. 2), singer-songwriter and former One Tree Hill star Tyler Hilton brought his ‘City on Fire’ tour to a sold-out New York City crowd at The Loft at City Winery. Hilton was accompanied by special guest Alex2e, who warmed fans up with a 30-minute acoustic set.

With every seat filled in the dimly lit room, Hilton energetically entered the stage with a guitar in hand while the audience cheered. Going straight into “Overtime” from his newly released record, City on Fire, the singer-songwriter told the crowd, “You guys are fun already!” Playing two of the more upbeat tracks from City on Fire, “How Long ‘Til I Lose You” and “The Way That She Loves,” the crowd sang both tracks back to Hilton in which he whispered into his microphone, “New York, you guys are my favorite. You guys were a lot of the people I had in mind when I was making this record, nervous to play you guys the new stuff so it’s nice to finally be here with you guys.” Cracking jokes with his two bandmates in between songs and telling the audience hilarious stories from being on the road, Hilton made fans laugh hysterically all night long.

After playing one of his older jams, “Jenny,” Hilton decided to let the audience choose the remainder of his setlist. Asking the crowd if there were any One Tree Hill fans in attendance, everyone went wild, with Hilton replying, “Oh goodness, there’s a lot of Hulu subscriptions in the house tonight…This song goes out to you guys.” He played his prominent rendition of “Missing You,” which was made popular on the hit television series.
Taking suggestions from fans, Hilton played his very first single, “When It Comes,” which he filmed the music video for right there in New York City. “Prince of Nothing Charming” was up next, which he wrote for his wife, actress Megan Park, “I wanna dedicate this song to my amazing wife back home, she’s lending me out to the rest of the country for a couple of months and I’ll send this out to her, if you guys could tag her to prove that I’m thinking about her on the road that would be dope.” Everyone chuckled and sang along.

Tyler Hilton

City on Fire’s title track was up next, followed by the one cover that is featured on the new record, “Stay” originally performed by Rihanna, “This is such a beautiful song that the first time I heard it, I thought ‘man, I wish I had written that’ and I wanted to make it my own so I took it and ran with it.”  Before ending his set, Hilton played the love song duet on City on Fire, which features his former castmate Kate Voegele, “When The Night Moves.”

“Usually we end with that song, but I’m gonna sneak one more in […] thank you guys for coming out, I really appreciate it. I’m gonna send you guys out on a little tune from One Tree Hill.” The California native completely rocked out with “Loaded Gun” which he originally performed as Chris Keller in the series finale of One Tree Hill.
Hilton portrayed his personable demeanor, passion for music and true artistry throughout his hour-long set. He ended the night meeting every fan in the room, thanking each person for coming out and supporting him and this record.

Lucky for us New Yorkers, Hilton will be coming back around this summer on July 19th at Rockwood Music Hall. Tickets are available here.



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