Trey Lewis: ‘Troublemaker’ – Debut Album Review

Trey Lewis shares his album, Troublemaker, out now, March 1st on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new project here.

It’s been 3 years since Trey Lewis’ viral, smash hit, “Dicked Down in Dallas” blew up on TikTok and country bars around the U.S. If you haven’t heard the song, it is as raunchy as its name suggests. While these lyrics may be too aggressive for some, Lewis embodied this new persona and fans embraced it. His new project, Troublemaker, is full of amusing lyrics and innuendos like his hit single, however, he also explores themes of love, heartbreak, and nostalgia in the second half of the record, giving listeners a bit more variety.   

“I feel like everything I’ve been through in my life has built up to this moment,” Lewis admitted in a recent press release. “I feel like these songs really represent where I’ve been and what I’ve been through. I believe there is something on this album for every listener, whether this is their first time hearing me or they’ve been a fan for years. My hope is that people can relate to it and play it and then play it again and again and again.”

Lewis’ humor is displayed in the first half of the album, notably in songs like “Could’ve Been Me,” “Girl Problem,” “Up Yours,” and “Outlaw Us.” In “Could’ve Been Me,” the singer is thankful that his ex is marrying another man. In “Girl Problem,” the singer acknowledges that his issue with women is that he can’t settle on just one. 

The songwriters in “Up Yours” cleverly use the hostile phrase in a lighter, but still negative connotation. The singer wants to forget and move on from his ex but the songs he hears and the whiskey he sips keep bringing up her memory. “Outlaw Us” is a small-town anthem that lists the actions and beliefs of a true country boy. The singer states: “We’re gonna be who we’re gonna be ‘til the day they outlaw us.” 

Switching gears to the more vulnerable side of the record, Lewis demonstrates lust in “Pretty Hungover,” “Always You,” and “What I’m Doin’”. In the former, he eloquently expresses his admiration for his partner in every moment, whether she’s dressed up or in sweatpants, sober, drunk, and even hungover. In the latter, the singer confesses he is new to serious relationships and feels the pressure of keeping her happy. Like someone starting a new job, he is just trying not to screw up and get fired, or in this case, lose the girl.

In “Mine Never Could” and the album’s closer, “I Quit,” the singer displays his frustrations with romance. He is envious of his ex in the former, confused to how she moved on so fast after the breakup. In “I Quit,” the singer finally believes he found true love, but if the story takes a turn for the worse, he is officially cutting ties with his heart.

“I guess what it all adds up and comes down to // We’re just two hearts and it’s too soon to call it what it is // If this ain’t love for you then girl, you can split // but for me, if this ain’t it, I quit”

It is difficult for artists to re-route their musical path after having massive success with their first single. Troublemaker shows listeners that Lewis is more than the guy who gave us “Dicked Down In Dallas.” The songs on the record are reflective of him as an artist and give broader depth to him as a human. 

Troublemaker Tracklist:

  1. Drunk In A Bar (Justin Wilson, Matt Rogers, Chris DeStefano)
  2. Could’ve Been Me (Dawson Edwards, Alex Maxwell, Joe Collins)
  3. Wishin’ I Was Fishin’ (Joybeth Taylor, Matt McKinney, Tate Howell, Jared Hampton)
  4. Up Yours (Lee Thomas Miller, John Pierce, Ben Stennis)
  5. Girl Problem (Seth Ennis, Joe Fox, Trea Landon)
  6. Outlaw Us (David Lee Murphy, Rhett Akins, Michael Carter)
  7. Sounds Like Money To Me (JT Harding, Brice Long, Matt McKinney)
  8. Pretty Hungover (Tommy Karlas, Kyle Coulahan, Davis Corley)
  9. Always You (Ben Hayslip, Matt McKinney, Jacob Rice)
  10. Troublemaker (Trey Lewis, Kyle Coulahan, Davis Corley)
  11. What I’m Doin’ (Trey Lewis, Jake Rose, Stone Aielli)
  12. I’m A (Craig Wiseman, Chris Stevens, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)
  13. Mine Never Could (Matt Jenkins, Zachary Kale, Deric Ruttan)
  14. I Quit (Trey Lewis, Matt McVaney, Jordan Walker)

Country Swag Picks:

  1. Pretty Hungover
  2. Up Yours
  3. I Quit
  4. Mine Could Never

Trey Lewis shares his debut album, ‘Troublemaker,’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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