Top 10 NYCountry Swag Moments of 2017…

As we close out the year, New York Country Swag has counted down our Top 10 Favorite Moments of 2017… —

  1. Over 100+ NYC Country Shows – Kicking off the list, #10 goes out to the over  100 shows that we have attended, covered and/or promoted in New York City and its surrounding areas in 2017.  100+ SHOWS!? Who says there’s no country music in NYC?  Click here for some of our favorite concerts from the year.


  1. “New York Country Swag Presents:” – With two full years under our belt, New York Country Swag spent 2017 expanding our brand and working towards bringing more country music to New York City fans.  This brings us to favorite moment #9: “New York Country Swag Presents:”, a series of unique live events we coordinated throughout the year, showcasing country music’s hottest new rising stars in different settings. Check out the events here. 


  1. Vending at Taste of Country Music Festival – Early June, we headed to Hunter Mountain in upstate New York for the Annual Taste of Country Music Festival.  This three-day festival features incredible country music and is the perfect place for country fans to gather and enjoy some great music. Although we have attended the festival in the past as fans, 2017 marked the first year we would attend as a vendor, setting up our swag shop on the mountain. Read more about the experience here. 


  1. Our First Hire – Since the launch of New York Country Swag in December 2015, the company was solely run and operated by Founder, Stephanie Wagner, with support from In Good Company Hospitality Group. In September 2017, New York Country Swag proudly announced the hire of our very first Managing Editor, Christina Bosch. Read more about Christina’s role in New York Country Swag Here. 


  1. The Hero Collection – One of our proudest moments of 2017 was rolling out a brand new line of merchandise called The Hero Collection, a line of merchandise inspired by the men and women of the Military, Fire & Police Departments across the country. Each month we donate a portion of all sales to different foundations that support our Heroes to spotlight and share their stories. Shop the collection and learn more here. 


  1. Swag Sessions – In 2017, New York Country Swag rolled out a new way of connecting New York Country fans with their favorite rising artists.  Utilizing some of New York City’s most iconic spaces, we started Swag Sessions.  A live way to showcase some incredible talent coming out of Nashville. Watch some of the great segments we host featuring rising talent like Mitchell Tenpenny, Adam Doleac, Jimmie Allen & More…


  1. “The Day of Four Shows” – Typically when people think of New York City, they do not necessarily think of country music. However, NYC and its surrounding areas are home to at least one country show a week, if not more! This brings us to our Top 10 New York Country Swag Favorite Moment of 2017, #4: “The Day of Four Shows.” Back in September, we caught up with four different country performances all in the same day, proving that not only is country music here, but it is thriving. Read More here…


  1. New York Country Swag Takes Nashville – Back in October, the New York Country Swag team took a trip to Nashville and filled it with meetings, concerts, special events and the best places to eat. Check out a recap of our trip here…


  1. Luke Bryan Album Release Week – Our founder credits attending her first Luke Bryan concert as where it all began for New York Country Swag. Fast forward nearly 5 years later to where things truly came full circle when the New York Country Swag team had the privilege of covering Luke Bryan’s Album Release Week, bringing us to Favorite Moment Number 2. Learn More about this special moment for the NYCS Team here…


  1. YOU – And finally, we reach our number one spot in our Top 10 New York Country Swag Favorite Moments of 2017 Countdown: YOU.  Our readers, followers, and friends take the cake when it comes to what we are most grateful for this year.  Every show we produce or cover, we meet new friends and hug old ones, building our community of country lovers in NYC one person at a time. Check out some of our favorite fan moments here… 


We’re looking forward to bringing you more great events and exclusive coverage in 2018.
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