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Tigirlily Gold release their new EP, Blonde, out now, June 23rd, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new project here.

In a new era of music for the recently renamed, Tigirlily Gold (Krista and Kendra Slaubaugh), the sister duo is sharing their growth and talent with fans. Their latest project, a four-song EP called Blonde features music that speaks to where they are in their lives right now, their growth as artists and songwriters, and everything in between.

The record kicks off the fun-loving title track. Tigirlily Gold sing about embracing the ‘blonde’ lifestyle, namedropping icons like Dolly Parton, Marilyn Monroe, and Norma Jean. The song is anthemic and fun, a breathe of fresh air in a sea of more serious tunes in the country music landscape.

“You can’t buy happiness // But you can buy hair like this // It’s a Dolly Parton state of mind // It’s Marilyn leaving Norma Jean behind // From dirty to platinum // We’re just trying to have some fun // When we’re feeling low, we’re high-lighten up // Every day’s a good day when you’re waking up // Uh, blonde, ooh, yeah //So blonde (I mean, if you don’t have it yet)”

The duo continues to unapologetically celebrate who they are on their next song, “Hometown Song.” While “Blonde” is a celebration in its own right, “Hometown Song” is a nostalgic song about their upbringing – the good and the bad. While it feels personal to Tigirlily Gold, “Hometown Song” is the type of song that everyone can relate to. With lyrics like, “It took me 18 years to get out, but I’m still trying to move on,” it is clear that the songstresses know what it feels like to be conflicted about their hometown.

Tigirily Gold slows things down other next track, “Move On.” The brand new song is sexy, calming, and intriguing. Throughout the track, the ladies express what it is like to find a love interest and waiting for them to make a move. We hear a lot of songs from male country singers finding a girl, but hearing a song from a female perspective feels refreshing.

Lastly, Blonde concludes with the song “Shoot Tequila.” Much like “Blonde,” “Shoot Tequila” is a fun song, cementing that the record is bookmarked by two great songs. While each of the four songs showcase the duo’s songwriting prowess, “Shoot Tequila” features their incredible word play, something we love in country music.

Overall, Blonde is a great re-introudcition to the Tigirily Gold women. Each of the four songs give us something different to be excited for in a full-length record from the rising artists.

Blonde  Track List
  1. Blonde (Kendra Jo Slaubaugh, Krista Jade Slaubaugh, Alex Kline, Scott Stepakoff)
  2. Hometown Song (Kendra Jo Slaubaugh, Krista Jade Slaubaugh, Alex Kline, Scott Stepakoff)
  3. Move On (Kendra Jo Slaubaugh, Krista Jade Slaubaugh, Alex Kline, Scott Stepakoff)
  4. Shoot Tequila (Kendra Jo Slaubaugh, Krista Jade Slaubaugh, Kevin Griffin, David Mescon)

Tigirlily Gold drop their brand new EP, ‘Blonde’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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Blonde is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.