Throwback Thursday Martina McBride Songs You May Have Forgotten

Born in Sharon, Kansas, raised on the dairy farm, worked on the farm and sang from a young age, sold T-shirts for Garth Brooks, released 13 studio albums and 2 cookbooks, won multiple Female Country Artist of the Year awards. That’s Martina McBride for you.   


Her soprano voice is one of the most beautiful and powerful in the country music industry. Listening to her songs is like a warm breeze in the evening in the middle of summer, it’s gentle and comforting. It’s something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. 

“Martina McBride has that kind of once-in-a-generation voice that’s so phenomenal you’d be happy to listen to her sing the phone book – so thank Heaven she chose to sing country music instead” – Grand Ole Opry     


  1. That’s Me – A sad song with a heart-touching music video. Being forgotten and left alone by someone you once loved and still love is the worst feeling in the world. “There’s a photo in an album he don’t notice anymore/ That’s me, that’s me/ There’s a stack of cards and letters buried deep inside a drawer/ That’s me, that’s me”


  1. Where I Used to Have a Heart – Missing someone always leaves a hole in your heart. It’s a crack that doesn’t heal easily it takes time but always leaves a mark.  “I’ll guess I’ll learn to live with a different kind of pain/ I’m suffering from a sickness that I cannot give a name/ It’s such a strange sensation I’ve never felt before”


  1. Cry on the Shoulder of the Road –  It’s not your typical sad “leaving” tune but it’s more like a bright and hopeful kind of track. “And there ain’t no telling what I’ll find/ But I might as well move down the line/ Because there’s no comfort here in your zip code”


  1. I Won’t Close My Eyes It’s a song about lost love with a melody in the style of 80’s European Italo Disco slow songs. It’s definitely something unique in country music. “Love’s a matter of trust/ And I just want to believe in us/ But last night in your kiss/ I felt a lie on your lips”


  1. Anything and Everything – It could be interpreted in some ways as a mother expressing her love to her child but more likely it’s a beautiful love song. One of the most beautiful expressions of love. “Close your eyes and baby/ Make a wish and baby/ I’ll give you anything and everything/ The sky’s the limit and my heart is in it”


  1. For The Love of a Woman – When a man finds the right woman than magic happens because “For the love of a woman/ A man unlocks his heart/ And reveals all the secrets it holds/ And the love of a woman/ WIll find his better part/ When he gives her the key to his soul/ He will listen to her dreams/ He will ask her what she needs/ He will help her build the life she wants to live/ He will hold her when she cries/ With a love that never dies/ All these things he will give/ For the love of a woman”


  1. Wearing White – A positive, uplifting and light-hearted story of a girl with a crazy past who found the right man. “She made her life a mess/ But she was young, the past is done/ Now she’s in love/ And putting on a new dress/ It’s white/ And it’s nobody’s business what she wears/ Anyway the ruth is she don’t care/ Baby it’s her life/ She’ll do what she likes/ And she likes wearing white”  


  1. I Still Be Me – Always being who you are is the most important lesson from this song. No matter the circumstances always stay true to yourself. “Empires could rise and fall/ The sun could swallow the moon/ And I don’t hold a crystal ball/ But I promise you/ I’ll still be me/ Just a normal girl from small-town nowhere”


  1. House of a Thousand Dreams –  A recipe for an amazing marriage, a beautiful story of a loving family and the meaning of true and unimaginable love. “She says, my husband’s a good man gives all that he can/ I know he thinks he’s let me down/ I just want him and the children to be happy/ It’s not always easy, but it’s all I dream about”


  1. Don’t Cost a Dime – It’s the little things that make us happy and they usually don’t cost a dime. The point of the song is to appreciate little things in life and be grateful for all you have.  “Climb out of bed and step outside/ Lookup ahead, it’s all blue sky/ You already have what really matters the most in life”


McBride is one of the most talented people in the country music industry. She’s a role model for everyone. She managed to survive in music industry for 28 years and she’s not planning to stop touring and recording music. 


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