Thomas Rhett Keeps Quarantine Releases Going with “Your Mommas Front Door”

Thomas Rhett’s latest song, “Your Mommas Front Door”, shows us how a front door with a faded brick porch has been there through each stage of his relationship with his wife, Lauren.


During quarantine, Thomas Rhett has given fans a look into new music he’s been working on. His latest song “Your Mommas Front Door” takes us to Tennessee to his mother-in-law’s house showing us a little bit of a personal memory from his past.

Debuting the song on Instagram, Rhett shared that he wrote this song a few weeks ago after he dropped off his daughter Lennon at his mother-in-law’s house. Over the past 17+ years, TR has been to her house a million times but something about this last time just hit him different inspiring him to share the different versions of himself that has walked through that door over the years. From knocking on the door to pick up Lauren to go on their first date, slamming the door during breakups, and showing up unannounced to ask her dad’s permission to propose, that door has seen a lot of history. Now the singer-songwriter is having a full-circle moment watching his daughters walk through the same door where his life changed forever.

“Today it just hit me\ That I got some history\ With every square inch of that faded brick porch\ It’s crazy to think how my life has changed now\ And it just keeps changing a little bit more\ Every time I show up at your mommas front porch”

Of course, the father of three is no stranger to writing songs about his relationship with his wife Lauren and the life they share together including award-winning “Die a Happy Man” and “Life Changes”. We love seeing a glimpse into their lives and hope there is more to come soon!

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