The Country Music Community Supports St. Jude ‘This Shirt Saves Lives’

St. Jude This Shirt Saves Lives

NYCountry Swag’s Christina Bosch & Stephanie Wagner

Over the past few days, we are sure that you have seen celebrities and artists posting on their social media pictures wearing their “This Shirt Saves Lives” t-shirt which goes along with the Country Cares campaign for St. Jude. St. Jude, located in Memphis, Tennessee is a research hospital for children battling cancer and other deadly diseases but the most special part about the organization is, they will never send a family a bill for their medical care. Families receive the best care in the country, at no cost, making the worst and darkest days of their lives a little bit brighter.

Not only is St. Jude currently taking care of patients within its own doors but it’s research facility and labs are open 24/7 and freely share their findings with hospitals and doctors across the country. They are working towards a world where no family ever has to hear the words “you have cancer”.

30 years ago, Randy Owen from the band Alabama stood up during Country Radio Seminar in Nashville and asked his friends, colleagues and radio partners to join together to help St. Jude and the children they serve, and so, Country Cares was born. To learn more about Country Cares and Jessica Turri, a main component in their story recently, check out our Woman of the Month feature. 

It costs over a million dollars a day to operate St. Jude each and every day. Donations are what keeps the incredible organization helping children suffering. To donate and get your own “This Shirt Saves Lives” t-shirt head to





The Hero Collection by NYCountry Swag is inspired by the men and women of the Fire, Police and Military Departments across the country. A portion of sales from each purchase is donated to different foundations that support our heroes. We are dedicated to honoring their service and remembering their sacrifice.


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