10 New Country Songs of 2023 That Should Be On Your Playlist

2023 was full of amazing country songs. Here are ten new songs released in 2023 that may not have hit the number one spot on charts (yet), but we believe should be on your playlist! Learn more here.

“West Of Tulsa” – Wyatt Flores

Artist to look out for, Wyatt Flores is winning the hearts of country music lovers everywhere. His song, “West Of Tulsa” showcases his songwriting prowess, his storytelling artistry, and his incredible vocals. The track is a true standout of 2023.


“Man Made A Bar” – Morgan Wallen & Eric Church

Morgan Wallen joined forces with one of his musical heroes, Eric Church on this iconic collaboration. “Man Made A Bar” is one of the best off Wallen’s latest album, and a true must listen to of 2023!


“I’m Not Pretty” – Megan Moroney

Megan Moroney is quite possibly the biggest breakout start of 2023. Her debut album Lucky boast many incredible songs, including “I’m Not Pretty.” The song resonated with fans across the genre, making it an absolute top new song of the year.


“Sometimes She Stays” – Kip Moore

When Kip Moore released his record, Damn Love, we knew it would be one of our favorites. The music video for the standout track, “Sometimes She Stays” was filmed in New York City, adding to overall likability of the beautiful song.


“Penthouse (The Healed Version)” – Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini’s Rolling Up The Welcome Mat (For Good) EP is one of the best of the year. The Grammy-nominated record boasts incredible songs that speak to Ballerini’s heartbreak and healing, including this one, “Penthouse.”


“Creek Will Rise” – Conner Smith

Conner Smith is a rising artist with a bright future in the genre. His current single, “Creek Will Rise” is one of his best to date. The uptempo, stage-ready song is exciting, fun, and primed for the live show. We imagine that this song will continue to do big things for Smith’s blossoming career.


“In Your Love” – Tyler Childers

Tyler Childers is one of the most prolific, yet underrated artists in country music. His song, “In Your Love” challenges the norms of country music. The song expresses a story of same-sex love that is both beautiful and empowering.


“screen” – HARDY

HARDY’s ‘the mockingbird & THE CROW’ is one of the best projects released in 2023. His song, “screen” is a true standout on the mockingbird side of the record. “screen” is a motivational anthem about the use of technology in the world, and how we can be a better society when we are more present. As the song progresses it cleverly weaves through different variations and definitions of the simple word and makes for a clever yet relatable track.


“Part Of It” – Jordan Davis

One of our all-time-favorites, Jordan Davis is an artist who deserves to be named up there with the top entertainers. Many of his new songs released this year reached the caliber to be included on this list, but one of our favorites is “Part Of It.” The beautiful song speaks to a universal experience that we all understand.


“Bench Seat” – Chase Rice

Chase Rice is arguably in his best era of music in his career at the moment. “Bench Seat’ is undeniably one of his best songs in his impressive catalog. The song is a moving story about mental health and other relatable variables.


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