Did Somebody Say Tailgate Season?

Aside from the four seasons that make up our calendar year, we all know there are a few special times to be excited about – Wedding Season… Baseball Season… Pumpkin Spice Latte Season… and the best of all: Tailgate Season.

In anticipation of the most wonderful time of the year, we’re counting down the Top 5 Reasons Why Tailgate Season is the Best Season.


We’ve crammed into indoor venues all winter long. Pre-games consisted of huddling into the closest local bar, so you didn’t freeze on the way to the venue. Flip-Cup, Beer Pong or any type of pre-show ritual is pretty much nonexistent in the wintertime. Tailgate Season means we are FREE to the great outdoors. Spilled some beer on the ground? Don’t worry about it. Tailgate season gives you the ability to create the largest, wildest party before seeing your favorite artists under the stars, literally.


Drinking Games, Good Music, Sunshine, Positive Vibes. We dare you not to have a good time. Impossible.


Tailgate Season gives you a solid excuse to roll deep with 20 or so of your closest friends. Chances are each friend knows someone at the show, who knows someone at the show, who knows someone at the show and the next thing you know – You’re in the middle of a huge parking lot party, surrounded by a bunch of friends of friends with your favorite music, cold drinks and good vibes.


Is there a need to explain this one? There was never a better reason to chug a beer for breakfast other than Tailgate Season.


The most important factor in any good tailgate is the line-up. Bumping your favorite artists’ music all day before seeing them live on stage under the sun, COME ON… Nothing. Better.

This is shaping up to be a solid summer of tailgates with all of the tours lined up to hit the New York Area. Make sure you’re subscribed to our Weekly Round-Up for event reminders & giveaways.

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Stay Swaggin!
– Team NYCountry Swag