NYCS First Impression: Will Hoge Releases ‘My American Dream”

Will Hoge


In his latest album release, My American Dream Will Hoge has plenty to tell us as he takes us through eight tracks of powerful storytelling where his songs stand as a true testament to what is going on in the world we live in today. Hoge’s songwriting has earned him multiple country music nominations, and it is no surprise My American Dream is an album that must be played all the way through. His thought-provoking and daring lyrics continue to impress after his last album Anchors debuted in 207.

He holds nothing back as his lyrics depict political views right from the beginning with opening track “Gilded Walls.” In one particular verse, Hoge says “And I work two jobs and raise a family, while you’re living on everything your daddy left behind, and it’s clear you don’t care about the folks down here, inside your gilded walls that shine.” With specific references to school shootings and air pollution, Hoge leaves no stone unturned when it comes to controversial topics.

Referencing our future, in the second track titled “Stupid Kids,” Hoge sings “You’re the only ones that are ever gonna make things change” and encourages youth to have a voice, to not quit and to keep marching on because the current generation has not figured it out yet. One song that stands out on My American Dream is “Thoughts and Prayers” where Hoge continues his lyrical protest; a somber acoustic ballad about people dying by gun violence and politicians not doing anything about it. He makes us all question how many times we can give our condolences after a loved one is lost and in the end, nothing changes.

Other highlights of the album and expressive lyrics are songs such as the title track, “My American Dream” and “The Illegal Line,” which brings light to small businesses shutting down due to production overseas and border patrol regulation. Hoge’s album has a country/rock bluesy vibe that will reel you into exactly what he is feeling and all of his gutsy emotions are heard through each verse. It is definitely a highly engaging album worth listening all the way through.  The album is available everywhere music can be found and he is on tour through December. Listen to the full album below and for tour dates and more information head to



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