Dierks Bentley Performs “Woman Amen” on WE Day

Dierks Bentley

WE Day’s fourth annual special aired this past Friday on ABC featuring a star-studded lineup that included multi-platinum singer/songwriter Dierks Bentley. Bentley wasn’t alone when it came to celebrating young people making a difference in the world. He was one of the many famous faces such as Selena Gomez, Jennifer Aniston, Will Ferrell, Cyndi Lauper, and host John Stamos, all taking part of the special that was filmed back in April at The Forum in Los Angeles.

Along with the celebrities that came out to support, there were 16,000 students and educators alike. Bentley even brought two special guests, Jennifer and Sydnee Floyd, who put together bags of necessities for homeless people in Nashville. He wanted to shine the light on these two amazing women who truly believe in the power of doing good. Everyone in the crowd had one thing in common – being a part of an organization that makes doing good, doable.

Before Bentley took the stage performing his number one hit, “Woman, Amen” off his ninth album, The Mountain, the spotlight was turned onto the Floyd family sharing their inspiring story with the world. When Bentley heard about the family and the great things they were doing, he wanted to go by their house to surprise them. He did just that, as he was walking through their yard singing “Woman, Amen” their faces lit up with excitement, not believing what was happening. He told them, “I’m so inspired by what you guys have been doing, it’s amazing! I thought I had to come out here to say ‘thank you’.” He then went on to invite them to be a part of the music video for “Woman, Amen”, along with accompanying him to Los Angeles for WE Day. The Floyd family graciously accepted both offers and ended the exchange with a group hug.


As the music started to “Woman, Amen” he began his performance by saying, “For Jennifer, for Sydnee, all these amazing women out here, thank you so much for what you do, this one’s for you guys!” As the crowd erupted in cheers the camera panned to the Floyd family where they were seen hugging each other before the performance started. Bentley gave all he had when performing at WE Day, not leaving the crowd disappointed for a moment.

Throughout the performance they panned to fans cheering, singing along, and one even had a sign in support of the song. The performance was energized making those watching at home wishing that they were there. At just the right moment, leading to the end of the performance, fireworks came from the stage. The crowd and the Floyd’s were cheering him on. “Woman, Amen” was the perfect anthem for the night with its message of positivity.

WE is made up of three organizations, WE Charity, ME to WE, and WE Day. The organization WE Day is special because they go around the country showing and celebrating the act of social good. This year’s WE Day special did just that, filling The Forum and honoring the young people who do good every day. WE gives opportunities for today’s generation to better the world by volunteering, raising money, and supporting local and global causes. These change-makers create an impact to not only better the world but to give us hope for the future. You can join the WE movement by taking the pledge on their official website.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the WE Day special live you can stream it on Hulu. For New Yorkers, Bentley is taking his Mountain High tour to the iconic Madison Square Garden on September 8th with LANCO and Brothers Osborne. Grab your tickets here.


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