NYCS Swag Spotlight: Walker Montgomery

Our Swag Spotlight this week, Walker Montgomery was born and raised in Nicholasville, Kentucky a small town that had produced not one but two major country artists in the past who just happened to be Walker’s uncle Eddie and father, John Michael. Eddie Montgomery, of Montgomery Gentry and John Michael Montgomery who had his own solo career for years in the business. “I always say that I am blessed to be under the umbrella of the Montgomery family if I ever need advice, I have the perfect outlet but the kind of music I release, the things that I do, people will see that he’s not just John Michael’s son or Eddie’s nephew,” he says.

His parents allowed him to have a well-rounded childhood, acting playing sports but of course playing music as well. He was playing the guitar and basic chords when he was only five years old, instilling the love of music at an early age. When discussing his musical influences he tells us; “Obviously, my family was in the country music business so I grew up listening to country music but I also listened to Big Band, Frank Sinatra, Benny Goodman which was far from country but I loved all kinds of music and having music in the house really made me who I am today”.

During high school, he decided to take music a little more seriously and took the stage at the country fair and played for 1,000 people.  He recalls stepping onto that stage for the first time, he was only a sophomore in high school but decided from that day on that he loved the energy from the crowd, “There was no other feeling like it,” Montgomery tells us.  It was soon after that when he knew he wanted to write his own music.

His debut single “Simple Town” was written as an anthem for his small town, a local radio station programmer heard it and started playing it in Kentucky and now it has over two million streams on Spotify.  Living in Nashville, Montgomery is now taking his small-town roots to the big city, stating that along with his father and uncle, Randy Travis and Luke Bryan are amongst some of his biggest influences. His love for traditional country music and appreciation for the way modern country incorporates new sounds, he wants to infuse them together. “When I write, I’m just writing what I feel, I just need to write what is on my heart that day,” he explains. “I want songs to be relatable, I always say if you can tap into the heart of somebody in country music, they are going to like the song.”

Looking forward to the new year, Montgomery is excited to play more shows and make more connections with his fans. Towards the end of the last year, they released a video for “Just Say When” the next single he will be pushing from his Simple Town EP.  Fans can look forward to new music in the new year. Follow Walker Montgomery on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up with new announcements.


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