[Watch] Ashley McBryde & Chris Lane Head to Late Night Television

Country music took late night television by storm last night, Chris Lane and Tori Kelly performed their captivating love song “Take Back Home Girl” on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Lane started the song solo, singing the opening verse and chorus while Kelly’s angelic harmonies complimented the pop-country crossover song. The camera then pans to the steps of the audience where Kelly stands to sing the second verse, then joins Lane on the main stage for the remainder of the song.


Ashley McBryde also graced America’s late night TV last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live singing the debut single “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega” from her latest album Girl Going NowhereMcBryde looked incredible in a silver bomber jacket with a band t-shirt underneath and her smile at the very opening chords of the song lit up the entire room. A third of the way through the song the band stops playing, McBryde drops her hand from the guitar, the band gets quiet as she sings acapella to start the final chorus and as the band comes back in to finish, they rock together for the rest of the song.



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