NYCS Swag Spotlight: Tebey


Continuing to shine our light on rising artists and talented singer-songwriters, our Swag Spotlight this week is Tebey. He is a creative that hails originally from just outside of Toronto, Canada with roots now firmly in Nashville, Tennessee for over a decade. The singer-songwriter chatted with us about his musical journey, his new single, and of course how he views the evolution of country music.

“I grew up listening to everything,” he tells us, naming country musicians like George Strait and Kenny Chesney as some of his top favorite country artists, adding, “But I also loved Boyz II Men, Nirvana and just kinda anything that was great. I have a very eclectic musical taste […]. I’ve always been a fan of music and I’m lucky enough to make it a career.”

In his several years in the industry, Tebey has found success working with many different artists all across the board, when it comes to genres. He has earned accolades as both a producer and a songwriter, working with artists like One Direction, Cher, Flo Rida, and even artists from the United Kingdom.

Fans can find Tebey’s eclectic experience and influences in his own music too. Although he identifies as a country artist, listeners can expect a unique sound and vibe from the budding artist. He shares, “I think music doesn’t really have borders anymore,” adding that streaming has helped artists and fans connect. “There’s a lot of great artists from Canada that are making music up there, but people here in the United States are able to get a hold of that music more easily than they were back of the day”

The genre-bending in country music is something that Tebey welcomes, agreeing with us that ‘good music is good music.’ The singer shared with us more about his experiences, backing up why he believes fans welcome the modern country sound and intermingling of genres. “I think now more than ever, your typical country music fans listen to more than one genre of music,” he explains. “I see it at my shows a lot, 22-year-old, 23-year-old kids, at my shows, I know for a fact that they are there because they’re a Tebey fan, but they’re also listening to Drake and ASAP Rocky.”

Tebey, even went on to say, “I think before country music wasn’t ‘quote on quote’ cool, but then you got artists like Taylor Swift and even a little while ago Rascal Flatts, people like that were making music that was crossing over. Thomas Rhett in particular is making music that is country, but it’s also reaching people outside of the genre.”

Like some of those cross-genre artists, Tebey is making music that fans from across the globe can relate to as well. Most recently, he released his new single “The Good Ones,” which is a duet with songstress, Marie-Mai. In the few short months, since it has been released, the song has garnered close to 2 million streams across platforms.

“I sat down with my co-writers that day in Nashville, and we started randomly painting the picture of this relationship and this girl driving in this Toyota Tacoma,” he started to tell us, adding, “We eventually ended up settling on the title “The Good Ones.” Tebey feels that the song showcases a universal message, stating “I think a lot of people are going to be able to relate to the lyric because we’ve all had relationships that have ended, we all have had relationships that we have lost.” Interestingly enough, the artist keeps songs close to his heart before releasing them, and “The Good Ones” is a track that still felt special years after it was written.

Before we let Tebey go, we had to check in with what he has planned for the new year. 2020 will be a year of getting his music out there and touring across the world. He already has plans for a tour in Canada and Europe, but shares that he might have to plan a United States tour too! Look out for new music coming towards the end of February in the meantime.

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“The Good Ones” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.



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