Taylor Swift Releases Reimagined Album, Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

In an attempt to reclaim her back catalog of music, Taylor Swift is releasing reimagined versions of her old albums, starting today with Fearless (Taylor’s Version). In addition to the new recordings, the collection includes unreleased songs “From The Vault” including tracks featuring Keith Urban and Maren Morris. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the project.

Fans have waited patiently for the release of the reimagined album, Fearless (Taylor’s Version), as the Pennsylvania native announced in 2019 that she was planning to re-record her first six albums when she legally could. Fearless was first released in 2008 and not only earned the Pennsylvania native her first two GRAMMYs but also gave her the honor of having the most awarded album in country music history.

The 26-track project is not only filled with the album’s original songs we know and love, but also includes six unreleased songs “From The Vault”.  Encompassed with heartbreak, love, and bravery, this album has the nostalgia of the country Taylor we were introduced to, yet has the vocals of the mature artist we know today.

Three of the six vault songs feature award-winning country singers Maren Morris and Keith Urban. “You All Over Me” featuring Maren Morris was released last month. Written by Swift and Scooter Carusos, the track focuses on the struggles of moving on after a breakup. Morris joins in on the first chorus and continues throughout the ballad. The two of them together are the perfect blend as they compliment each other perfectly on the harmonies.

“That’s When” and “We Were Happy” feature country superstar Keith Urban. Written by Liz Rose and Swift, “We Were Happy” starts off slow but picks up during the chorus where Urban joins in. An acoustic ballad about reflecting upon the happy times of a relationship before it ended, Swift and Urban’s voices are flawless together. “That’s When” written by Brad Warren, Brett Warren, and Swift is a catchy duet about two exes reminiscing on their relationship.  Urban was the perfect choice for the song as once again, the two showcase how well their voices mix.

Swift recently shared how excited she was to have him be a part of the album, “ I’m really honored that @KeithUrban is a part of this project, duetting on “That’s When” and singing harmonies on “We Were Happy”. I was his opening act during the Fearlessalbum era and his music has inspired me endlessly.

Overall, Fearless (Taylor’s Version) reminds us why it won Album of the Year at the GRAMMYs, The CMAs, as well as the ACM Awards. We can’t wait for the other re-recordings!

Taylor Swift's 'Fearless (Taylor's Version)' is available now, April 9th

Taylor Swift’s ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’ is available now, April 9th

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Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.