Who is Tanner Adell? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

Who is Tanner Adell? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Quick Facts:

Full Name – Tanner Adell Anderson
Birthdate – June 27th
Hometown – Manhattan Beach, California
Current City – Nashville, Tennessee
Musical Influences – Peaches and Herb, Etta James, Destiny’s Child evolving into Beyonce’s solo career
Label – Columbia Records
Current Single – “Buckle Bunny”

The Beginning:

Today’s spotlight shines on singer-songwriter, Tanner Adell. The Columbia Records recording artist creates music that speaks to her unique and creative talent as an artist and a performer. Her music is directly related to her upbringing, and we enjoyed getting to know all about her story so far. Continue reading to learn more!

“I grew up between Manhattan Beach, California, and Star Valley, Wyoming, complete and total opposites,” began the songstress. “I was modeling by the time I was 6 months old in California, and then my summers I was fixing fences and riding four wheelers with my cousins in Wyoming. In these two places, I lived very different lives, but I think it’s really what has made me who I am today, having both sides with this glam Los Angeles with a country world for the summer.”

Because of the unique upbringing, Adell was exposed to so many different types of artists and genres of music. “I grew up listening to all types of things. My dad really loves disco and jazz. […] Then, in Wyoming, all my cousins were listening to Josh Turner, Keith Urban, Eric Church, like completely different worlds,” she shared. Adding, “It’s such a mixed pot of people. I listened to the Bee Gees, and Natalie Cole, and Etta James, I listened to Britney Spears, Josh Turner, Destiny’s Child, and Beyonce, I really was kind of all the way around the block with that. There’s so many people I could name. I really love music and I always loved music.”

Adell appreciated music that spoke to her, no matter what it sounded like. “I’ve always been genreless with the way I listen to music and would listen to music as a kid and as a teenager. That never really mattered to me. It was always ‘does this make me feel good? or make me feel something or is this a song I wish I could have written?’”

The Turning Point:

Throughout her upbringing, Adell was always immersed in the performing world, honing her talents as a singer, a writer, and a dancer. “As I grew up, I became more and more acquainted with pieces of entertainment and realized that I can do that,” she shared. “Listening to music in my head as a teenager, I just saw myself performing those songs on stage, so by the time it was time to decide what I wanted to do with my life, it was a really easy transition to just be like, I’m a writer, I’m a singer, and a dancer, so now it’s time to become an entertainer.”

Upon this realization, Adell knew it was time to move to Nashville. Two years ago, she took the plunge, and it has worked out great for her so far. “It’s always been my dream even when I was really little,” she shared, when discussing her appreciation for her Nashville journey, including landing a record deal with Columbia Records.

Since following her dream, working hard, and landing in Nashville, Adell has gotten the chance to develop her unique voice in the genre, blending together all the influences from her past into her music currently. “One of the ways I’ve been able to stay so happy and positive is because I’ve remained completely true to myself and my upbringing and the foundation of why I love music in the first place,” shared Adell. “I’m making music that is completely me.”


True to her as a person, Adell is now sharing music that is completely her. “With country music, it can be hard to go outside of the box, and it took me a little while in feeling confident in that and who I am and writing exactly who I am, but I think I finally got around to it, and at this point, I’m pretty confident that I’m going to continue to break boundaries. It’s exactly what I want to do in music.”

Her brand new project, Buckle Bunny features eight songs that speak to Adell’s one of a kind artistry. “I don’t really create the same thing twice, so sometimes it can be difficult when you’re grouping songs together because sometimes they can hit at the opposite sides of the spectrum,” she shared, when asked about the mixtape. “Putting this project together was definitely a challenge, but these are some of my favorite songs and songs that say the most about me and my personality and who I am. It became more of an anthem and a love letter to my personality and who I am, and what I want to be and where I’m going to be honest.”

While all eight songs hold a special place in Adell’s heart, one of her current favorites off the record is a killer song called, “Bake It.” “I really, really love, “Bake It,” I’m a huge baker. I love baking, I grew up baking. […] I’ve won blue ribbons for my pies and cupcakes, and literally that song is so true to what I love to do and also my feminine sexuality I guess, and being confident in who I am as a woman,” she shared. Adding, “It’s just a jam. I love anything I can dance to, to be honest.”

Looking ahead into the rest of this year, Adell is gearing up to release awesome stripped-down vides of the songs off the project to show fans a different side of her. The small group of videos will be acoustic performances of the songs of Buckle Bunny. Fans can also expect more exciting things coming from Adell as we approach the new year! Stay tuned.


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