NYCS First Impression: Ashley Monroe ‘Sparrow Acoustic Sessions’

Ashley Monroe Sparrow

Singer-songwriter Ashley Monroe released her latest EP entitled Sparrow (Acoustic Sessions) last Friday, which features five stripped-down versions of her songs from her fourth solo record. The rawness of the acoustic album highlights the classic timeless voice Monroe has.

Monroe has perfected the art of storytelling. The first track off of the album “Orphan” reveals the desperation of a person who is lost and wonders how they will make it alone in life. Expressing her sorrow and confusion, Monroe sings, “Nobody told me what I should do/When the world starts to rumble and shake under you/How does an orphan find its way home?/Reach out with no hand to hold/How do I make it alone?”

Monroe dives deep into the art of exploring a woman’s sexuality with her second song “Hands On You.” It is a provocative and seductive song where she reminisces on a past love and longs to be back in that relationship again. “Hands On You” in its acoustic entirety creates an even further sensual listening experience of regret and the passion that no longer exists.

The third track, “Wild Love” was inspired by her first trip to London. Monroe continues to show her sensual side and describes a longing for a love that is untamed and dangerous that will wash over her “like the Barcelona rain.” The acoustic version of “Wild Love” enhances and dramatizes the song and feeling of desperation.

“Paying Attention” is somehow even more heartbreaking in the acoustic rendition as Monroe sings about a love that is no longer in her life. A melancholy feel is created with a simple guitar strum and a violin in the background, as she sings “You promised I’d miss you when you walked away/You were right when you told me I’d be sorry someday/Well, I’m paying attention to you/Oh now, I’m paying attention to you.”

The last track of Sparrow (Acoustic Sessions) is “Keys To The Kingdom,” an emotional religious tribute connecting music to loved ones who have since passed on. With a simple piano playing in the background, the solemn track is beautifully composed and executed.

Sparrow (Acoustic Sessions) showcases Monroe’s unbelievable vocal capability and captures the creativity of her talented songwriting. Take a listen to the full EP below.


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