Russell Dickerson: ‘Southern Symphony’ – Album Review

Russell Dickerson’s highly anticipated sophomore album, Southern Symphony is here! Showcasing his one of a kind talent, his undying love for his family, and plenty of fun, this album has it all. To celebrate the release, Dickerson debuted an incredible album experience like no other. Check it out in the video below as the ten-minute project takes you on a cinematic journey sharing the story of the songs through the album.

The album kicks off with a bang with previously released “Never Get Old”.  Written by Dickerson, Parker Welling, Corey Crowder, and Steven Olsen, this track is upbeat and the perfect sing-along for when live music returns. It also reminds us that no matter how many times you go to your favorite bar or repeatedly have a chill night in with your significant other, those moments never get old.

We know from the singer-songwriter’s double-platinum song “Yours” how much he loves his wife, Kailey, but this album showcases his love and appreciation for her on a whole other level starting with previously released “Home Sweet” and already two-week consecutive number one “Love You Like I Used To”. These two upbeat tracks show us the maturity of their relationship and remind us that through the struggles there’s always a silver lining.

His strong love for his wife is once again showcased throughout the album but stands out in the tracks “Come To Jesus” and “Waiting For You”. With a bit of a slower tempo, “Come to Jesus” shows off Dickerson’s vocal range as he shares his appreciation for having Kailey be his voice of reason and continuing to keep him in check. In “Waiting For You” the Tennessee native shares that he had been waiting his whole life to find the type of love he has with his wife. With the gospel feel and beautiful addition of the saxophone, this song blew us away.

In the title track “Southern Symphony”, Dickerson’s vocals are outstanding and laced with an acoustic guitar playing in the background, he takes us back to his hometown painting a picture of all the sounds he remembers including a magnolia breeze, bug zapper, and fight song sharing the message of when you find your person you feel the sensation of home.

The very first artist that NYCountry Swag ever worked with back in 2016 is known for bringing the energy and what better way to do that than with his good friends, award-winning duo Florida Georgia Line? “It’s ’s About Time” is the perfect party anthem and will have you filling up a drink in no time!

In a recent press release, Dickerson shared what he hopes listeners get out of the album. “When you hear this, I hope you feel the excitement, hope, and happiness in life. I want to be a good steward in these songs. There’s joy all around. I’m trying to spread a little bit of that. It’s exactly what the world needs right now and always.”

It’s been three years since Dickerson’s debut album Yours and the new dad’s evolution as an artist is incredible. We can’t wait to see this album performed live! In the meantime, check out the incredible full album experience in the video here.

Russell Dickerson's 'Southern Symphony' is out now, December 4th

Russell Dickerson’s ‘Southern Symphony’ is out now, December 4th

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Southern Sympathy is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

Russell Dickerson Drops New Song + Announces New Album ‘Southern Symphony’

Russell Dickerson released a brand new song, “Never Get Old” and revealed his sophomore record, Southern Symphony will be out December 4th. Read all the details below.

Singer-songwriter and NYCountry Swag OG, Russell Dickerson has released a new single “Never Get Old” that comes four months after his latest track “Home Sweet” and just five weeks into fatherhood with wife, Kailey, and son, Remington. “Never Get Old” is the third single to be released from his highly anticipated sophomore record, Southern Symphony. Previously, Dickerson referred to the forthcoming project as “RD2” before surprising fans today with the album title and official release date.

With “Never Get Old”, this new song begins to show a pattern and a potential style in which the collection of music may follow. For instance, in April “Love You Like I Used To” was the first single for this new chapter of music. It introduced a refreshed, artistically matured performer from what we know from the 2018 #1 smash “Yours” and 2019 hit “Every Little Thing”, both featured on Dickerson’s debut album, Yours.

While “Home Sweet” continues with the same energy and elements, the production shines as well. Dickerson, who played a role in production for both releases with Casey Brown and Dan Huff, seems to have found his sound for this new music, and “Never Get Old” is no exception to the substantial upgrade that listeners have been hearing from the artist.

Russell Dickerson Never Get Old

Russell Dickerson’s sophomore record, “Southern Symphony” will be released 12/4.

The hardcore yet sophisticated loudness of the song that confines our speakers demands to be played for a live audience. In fact, for fans who caught Dickerson on Kane Brown’s The Worldwide Beautiful Tour earlier this year, concertgoers may remember Dickerson opening his energetic set with the new, unreleased song. Between the electric guitar primarily taking over and the sound effects of clapping present, RD surely has a banger on his hands.

Lyrically, “Never Get Old” utilizes different scenarios such as going to a dive bar with a good band on a 2-for-1 Saturday night to promote that never gets old feeling. It serves as a reminder that such little moments like a chill night at home with a significant other never gets old. The lyrics stretch to any circumstance whether social distancing is a common phrase or not. It’s both modern and traditional.

One thing remains true about Dickerson, the new record Southern Symphony will be epic. Pre-save the album now and check back on its release date, December 4th for the full album review.

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“Never Get Old” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.




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