Who Is Sophia Scott? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

Who is Sophia Scott? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Sophia Scott // Credit: Alex Berger

Quick Facts:

Full Name – Sophia Scott

Birthday – December 26th

Hometown – Boulder, Colorado

Musical influences – Mariah Carey, The Chicks, James Taylor


The Beginning:

Today’s spotlight artist is taking the country music world by storm in her own, individual way. Growing up in Boulder, Colorado, Sophia Scott has always had a connection to country music.

“I grew up in a musical household. My entire family is very musical and all play instruments,” began the singer-songwriter. “There was a close connection to country music. I grew up listening to a lot of country music, and it was just the natural direction for me to go.”

During her childhood, Scott was in a two-family band with her cousins, as well as, started to write music. “I was [also] in choir and theater and all of those things growing up,” shared the songstress.

Despite her love for country music, Scott credits soul and pop music for her vocal ability. She is inspired by artists like Mariah Carey, TLC, Whitney Houston, and country artists like The Chicks, James Taylor, and Willie Nelson. “I was so in love with country lyrics and just the storytelling side of that, but I love soul vocals. I sort of blended those two things together, and that’s basically how my influences have created me and my sound.”

The Turning Point:

Although Scott knew she wanted to pursue her artistry as a living, she followed the advice of her father and went to college in San Diego. Upon graduating, the singer moved to Los Angeles to begin her career. “I moved to LA and was there for almost 7 years, doing country music there […] I was back and forth between there and Nashville quite a bit,” shared the singer.

While residing in LA, Scott kept being told that she needed to go to Nashville to write. Eventually, she took the plunge and has been living in Nashville for the last few years. “Once I got here, I felt like I was home. It just felt right.”

Upon moving to Nashville, the singer began working on releasing a full project. Although the pandemic set her back a year, she finally has that project out for fans.


Flash forward to today, Scott’s EP, One Of These Days is officially out. The six-song project was a long time coming for the singer-songwriter. “I have been working on a lot of these songs for over four years. […] I have been working towards a project since 2019.

Scott later shared, “When things started opening back up, I signed my label deal with Empire, up until that point I had only ever released singles, and I really wanted to make a name for myself in town [with the EP].”

The project, as a whole, gives fans a taste of Scott’s personality and her talent as a singer, and as a songwriter. According to the songstress, “I really wanted to have a full project, a full story of me.” Adding later, “I picked these six and some of them are vulnerable sad girl songs, and others are female empowerment, and party anthems too.”

Although currently leaning into the more fun tracks on the EP, such as “Don’t Tempt Me,” Scott shared with us that her favorite is the title track. “I’ve been holding on to it the longest. It came from a very real, vulnerable, emotional place. It’s become this reminder to myself that I can kind of go through anything.”

If the EP is any inclination, Scott’s music is only going to continue to evolve as the years go on. She promises more music is on the horizon and more live dates to see her play soon! Keep your eyes peeled!


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