Here is Ryan Griffin’s EP ‘Phases’

Ryan Griffin shares brand new EP, Phases, out now, July 14th on all streaming platforms.  Listen to the new EP now.

One of the best parts of country music is the storytelling that exists in many songs and records. Ryan Griffin’s music is a part of that narrative. The singer-songwriter released his brand new EP, cleverly titled, Phases, out today.

In the video above about the EP, Griffin shares the inspiration for the record. “I think in life we go through this journey trying to find love and in life there’s a lot of ups and downs. There’s a lot of heartbreak and disappointment that comes with it, and if you look at the tracklisting on the EP, it takes you through that journey.”

The EP paints an incredible picture of the journey of finding love, from heartbreak to a steady relationship and everything in between.

Check out and listen to the incredible songs below!

Phases EP Track List:

  1. Been Missing You
  2. Heart to Break
  3. What I Live For
  4. God Made Fridays
  5. If All I Ever Do

Ryan Griffin shares ‘Phases’ EP, out now on all streaming platforms.

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Phases is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

NYCS First Impression: Ryan Griffin ‘Name On It’

Ryan Griffin Name On It

In September 2019, the “Woulda Left Me Too” singer released the first single “Right Here Right Now” for this project. Looking back, Ryan Griffin’s new EP Name On It was a year in the making after releasing five out of the six tracks over almost a 12-month period. Now, just shy of the “Right Here Right Now” one-year anniversary of its release, Name On It has been molded into an entire collection of memories from the many releases. There’s just one song left on the EP that has not yet been heard titled “All Over Again”.

The first few words have a similar sentiment to Kane Brown’s touching tribute, “For My Daughter” with “I watched my brothers and my daddy / and I learned what not to do”. Though, the rest of the story that Griffin narrates takes on its own personality.  The new songs fans get to experience for the first time today, “All Over Again” is composed of a dense modernization of the pop-country sound that is familiar and popular in the genre today.

Name On It marks the first series of songs from Griffin since 2017, which was when his debut EP Sake of the Summer was released. A lot has changed for the artist since then, though the individualistic creation that is portrayed on either project remains the same. After being signed to a major record label, and Name On It is the first project following the agreement, the EP goes along with the singer-songwriter that introduced himself three years ago. With irrefutable growth, Griffin continues to be a performer who lives and entertains in a way that is true to himself.

Name On It Tracklist
1. Right Here Right Now (Ryan Griffin, Josh London, Jason Massey)
2. Name On It (Ryan Griffin, Nicolle Galyon, Mark Trussell)
3. All Over Again (Ryan Griffin, Mark Trussell, Emily Weisband)
4. Down (Ryan Griffin, Cameron Badell, Mark Trussell)
5. Going Going Gone (Ryan Griffin, Jason Duke, Benjamin Johnson)
6. One Prayer Left (Ryan Griffin, Cameron Bedell, Thomas Finchum)

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‘Name On It’ is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.




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Ryan Griffin Drops “Right Here Right Now” & Celebrates Living in the Moment

Ryan Griffin RIght Here Right Now


Rising country singer-songwriter and one of our 2018 Artists to Watch, Ryan Griffin has dropped his major-label debut single today. Titled “Right Here Right Now,” the Altadena/Warner Music Nashville artist, who inked his record deal in the third quarter of 2018, invites listeners and fans to celebrate the good times and being present to the joys of the present moment.

Sharing on posts across his social platforms, “Dibs” (Kelsea Ballerini) co-writer said, “It’s the most surreal, terrifying and exciting feeling knowing that something I have been working toward and pouring my heart into is finally out for the world to hear. I hope this message of living in the moment and choosing love over fear becomes just as much a part of your story as it is mine. #righthererightnow is out everywhere,” before concluding with a passionate invitational statement to “TURN IT UP!!”

And turning it up is exactly what we’ll do with this bop of a song. Penned by Griffin, Jason Massey, and Josh Landon, “Right Here Right Now” is truly about living in the present, in a moment filled with joy, admiration, and love overflowing. Tomorrow has enough problems of its own, and the better alternative is to enjoy the “right here right now.”

Produced by famed producer busbee (Maren Morris, Gwen Stefani, Carly Pearce), Griffin’s single leans strongly on the pop-country side, complete with a melodic hook that begs listeners to live in the “Right Here Right Now,” even if that means dancing their worries away to this song-cum-dance anthem. It is no surprise, too, that the Florida native cites country-pop superstar Keith Urban and R&B singer Brian McKnight as some of his main influences.

While Griffin has been working at his artistry for over a decade and experienced his fair share of ebbs and flows in the music industry, we believe “Right Here Right Now” is a hit that’s going to be on everyone’s playlist– country and non-country fans alike.

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“Right Here Right Now” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


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NYCS 2018 Artist to Watch Where Are They Now: Ryan Griffin

Here at New York Country Swag, we pride ourselves on being tastemakers, finding and championing new and up-and-coming artists and introducing our followers to the best of the best of the rising acts. Back in January of this year we named the 10 artists below in our “Artists to Watch in 2018” and we are proud to say, we know rising talent before they make it big. Someone to add to your watch list is Ryan Griffin.

Ryan Griffin

Photo Credit to Dove Shore

Griffin has had an interesting start to his career as a singer/songwriter, as an intern at Broken Bow Records. Now that might not be that surprising but what it was at the time BBR had a new singer on their list named Jason Aldean who needed someone to go on the road with him. Griffin being free, soon became Aldean’s tour manager. While being on the road was great he wanted to be a songwriter himself. Since then he has scored songs on many records and his most popular was Kelsea Ballerini’s “Dibs” that hit number one. Since then Griffin been recording his debut album in bits and pieces.

This last year Griffin’s work has finally paid off. He was named one of Nashville Lifestyles Most Beautiful People of 2018 which highlights athletes, attorneys, singers, songwriters, doctors and more around Nashville. On top of that Griffin just signed into a joint publishing and development deal with songwriter/producer busbee and Warner Music Nashville partnering with Altadena, officially launching his own singing career. This partnership wasted no time in jumping right in as the rising artist is now currently in the studio working on new music with the producer, which is slated for release next year. Griffin also released three new songs earlier this year that have been highlighted on Spotify playlists, gaining attention from new fans, and he was selected to be a SiriusXM “On The Horizon” artist.

“Good Company”, “Play It By Heart” and “Best Cold Beer” combine Country, R&B, and Pop making each one suitable to any listener. “Play It By Heart” documents an affectionate side of Griffin, “Good Company” turns it up with slow guitar strums, irresistible vocals and a beat that makes you want to dance, and “Best Cold Beer” is a new take on a waste of money at the bars.

Griffin mentioned at his show at The Listening Room in August that in the past that he has always enjoyed the process of creating music. With this new album, he is trying to be intentional with the music that he puts forth, perfecting his sound and honing in on his songwriting.  Indeed, “Best Cold Beer,” “Good Company” and “Play It By Heart” are insights of who he is: fun, soft, emotional, and a touch of hipster. To make sure you stay up to date with Ryan Griffin, you can follow his social and add him on Spotify to be the first to listen to any new music he puts out.


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Cole Swindell & Friends Entertain Long Islanders

It was a “Sunday Fun-day” on September 23rd at BMHMC Amphitheater at Bald Hill on Long Island thanks to some awesome country music entertainers. New Yorkers were lucky enough to have Cole Swindell, Morgan Wallen, and Ryan Griffin perform for an event to honor the troops, hosted by My Country 96.1 radio station.

Ryan Griffin, Long Island, NY

Ryan Griffin, Long Island, NY

Country newcomer, Ryan Griffin started the night off entertaining the crowd with his songs “Good Company,” “Play It By Heart,” ”Best Cold Beer,” and covering Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.” The singer was definitely feeling the energy of the night, sharing with fans “I’ll tell you what [New York] everybody that we encountered, since we’ve been here have been incredible. Ya’ll raised them right here.”

Some great moments of the night for the entertainer came at the end of his set, including playing his rendition of Kelsea Ballerini’s “Dibs,” a song Griffin co-penned.  He introduced the song as his first number one as a songwriter; however, the singer closed out his time on stage with his first own debut single as a recording artist, “Back Seats & Burnt CDs.”

Griffin showcased exactly why we named him a NYCountry Swag 2018 Artist to Watch, as he kept new and old fans alike pumped throughout his entire set, and just as excited for Morgan Wallen, who was up next.

Just after a short intermission, where sponsors awarded military contest winners and showed their support to veterans, Wallen took the stage with an indescribable energy and swagger that seemed to resonate with concertgoers. The Big Loud Records recording artist played songs off his debut album If I Know Me, including jams, “Whattcha Know About That,” “Happy Hour,” and the first song [he] ever put out, “The Way I Talk.”

Morgan Wallen, Long Island, NY

Morgan Wallen, Long Island, NY

The singer showed his softer side, singing his ballad “Chasing You,” and introducing his next single to country music radio, “Whiskey Glasses,” encouraging fans to let the radio stations know if they like it.

After thanking fans for letting him show his vulnerable side, Wallen got the party started sharing a sentiment with the audience, “I grew up on all kinds of music, but I always gravitate towards a little bit of Honky Tonk country music. Anyone like Honky Tonk country music? I’ll need you guys to sing this song with me, okay. We got any Brooks and Dunn fans in the house?!,” just before covering the classic song “Play Something Country.”

Wallen kept the party going with a mashup of more covers, including Linkin Parks’s “In The End,” Joe Walsh’s “Life In the Fast Lane,” and Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Bad Name,” as well as, Fallout Boy’s “Sugar We’re Going Down,” and Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” Fans passionately sang the lyrics back to the artist the entire time.

Keeping with his authentic nature and clear passion for all types of music, Wallen continued his set, introducing and performing his very first number one song as a songwriter,  Jason Aldean’s smash hit “You Make it Easy.” “A guy named Jason Aldean heard it and he liked it and he said he’s gonna make it his first single on his album” he added before playing the hit song.

The singer ended with a bang, performing his number one single, which features country duo Florida Georgia Line, “Up Down.” Check out our exclusive video interview with Wallen from back in November 2017, where we claimed “Up Down” would be his very first number one song, seven months before it went number one in June 2018.

Wallen closed his lively and energetic set reminding fans that Cole Swindell was up next, “Ya’ll in for one hell of a show. He’s one of the best dudes I know.”

Swindell lived up to the sentiment, beginning his set with hits “Let Me See You Girl,” “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight,” and new song, “Reason To Drink.” The entertainer’s set consisted of fan-favorites off his first two albums, “20 in a Chevy,” and “Chillin It”, as well as, his newly released third studio album, All Of It, including tracks “Dad’s Old Number,” “Both Sides of The Mississippi,” and “Break Up In The End.”

Cole Swindell, Long Island, NY

Cole Swindell, Long Island, NY

Just before playing the title track, the singer stopped to thank fans, “A couple of weeks ago I put out my third studio album. The response, the reaction has been everything I could have ever dreamed of. All I ever dreamed of was having one album, and the fact that you’ve given me a career, allowing me to make my third one, we’re in this one together. I will be playing a lot of the album tonight. Give me everything you got!”

Concertgoers did just that, belting out the lyrics to both fresh songs and classic favorites. About halfway through his set, Swindell stopped to recognize the fans yet again, “That’s why I love this area. Ya’ll are so damn passionate about music. Now this is what I call a Sunday fun-day!”

Some of the more poignant moments of the night came towards the end of his set and into his encore. Swindell sang his concert staple “Ain’t Worth The Whiskey,” sharing how the song started as a break up song, but has morphed into so much more, as fans raised their glasses to the honorees of the night, the veterans who were present.

Additionally, the singer-songwriter switched gears, acknowledging his roots in an epic mashup. Singing, “I Don’t Want This Night To End” (Luke Bryan), “She’s Country” (Jason Aldean), “How Forever Feels” (Kenny Chesney), “Get Your Shine On,” (Florida Georgia Line), and “Drunk On A Plane” (Dierks Bentley), Swindell acknowledged and paid tribute to his past tour-mates, showing how far he’s come from his merchandise days for Luke Bryan.

The recording artist ended the night with his hit “Flatliner,” leaving fans floored by the extraordinary night of music that they just witnessed. Next up, Swindell will head out for his ‘Reason to Drink… Another Tour’ with rising musicians Dustin Lynch and Lauren Alaina. Check out a full list of tour dates here, and keep checking our calendar for future New York Dates.



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NYCountry Swag’s 2018 Artists to Watch

The New York Country Swag team loves to discover new artists that are releasing great music and share our favorite songs with New York country fans. Here is a list of 10 rising country artists we think you should look our for in the new year. —



  1. Ryan Griffin – Releasing his debut EP, Sake of the Summer back in March, the first single “Back Seats & Burnt CDs” hits you with just the right amount of nostalgia.  Fans of Thomas Rhett and Dan & Shay will love this newcomer. P.S. he also co-wrote Kelsea Ballerini’s number 1 hit, “Dibs”.

NYCS 2018 Artists to Watch: Ryan Griffin

Listen: Back Seats & Burnt CDs
Stay Connected: @RyanGriffinLive


  1. Brandon Lay – Brandon Lay’s debut single packs a punch of small-town living and growing up.  Fans can look forward to a full-length EP in the new year and can catch him as an opening act for Kenny Chesney’s, “Trip Around the Sun” Tour in 2018.

NYCS 2018 Artists to Watch: Brandon Lay

Listen: Speakers, Bleachers & Preachers
Stay Connected: @BrandonLayMusic


  1. Jordan Davis – Fans of Thomas Rhett and for more of a contemporary country sound will love Jordan Davis.  Just wrapping up his opening slot on Kip Moore’s, “Plead the Fifth” Tour, Davis is currently working on his debut full-length album for Universal Music Group Nashville.

NYCS 2018 Artists to Watch: Jordan Davis

Listen: Singles You Up
Stay Connected: @JordanDavisOfficial


  1. Jillian Jacqueline – Continuing to change the game for women in the country genre, Jacqueline released her debut EP, Side A, featuring six new tracks along with three acoustic versions of her singles.  Fans of Maren Morris and Cam will relate to the singer’s honest approach to songwriting and compelling storytelling.

NYCS 2018 Artists to Watch: Jillian Jacqueline

Listen: God Bless This Mess
Stay Connected: @JillianJacqueline


  1. Adam Doleac – With a grit-filled, blues-inspired vocal, Doleac’s debut EP released earlier this year features all kinds of love songs.  The first single on the project “Whiskey’s Fine” earned him a spot on Sirius XM’s Highway Finds Tour and since then the nationwide stations have played “Some Girls” and “Everybody Needs Somebody”.  Doleac even stopped by Refinery Rooftop for Swag Sessions with us back in October.

NYCS 2018 Artists to Watch: Adam Doleac

Listen: Whiskey’s Fine
Stay Connected: @AdamDoleac


  1. Ryan Kinder – Blending R&B and country to make his own unique sound, Ryan Kinder released the powerful “Still Believe In Crazy Love” earlier this year which has racked up over 2 million streams on Spotify.  Read more about the artist in our review of his first NYC show here.

NYCS 2018 Artists to Watch: Ryan Kinder

Listen: Still Believe In Crazy Love
Stay Connected: @RyanKinder


  1. Jimmie Allen – With a larger than life personality and catchy songs, Broken Bow recording artist, Jimmie Allen is sure to have a big 2018. During a recent trip to NYC, Allen joined New York Country Swag for a Swag Session to tell us about the trials and tribulations he overcame to follow his dreams.

NYCS 2018 Artists to Watch: Jimmie Allen

Listen: Blue Jean Baby
Stay Connected: @JimmieAllen


  1. Danielle Bradbery – Reinviting herself in 2017, Danielle Bradbery released her sophomore album, I Don’t Believe We’ve Met which showcases the young singer’s beautiful vocals and songwriting skills. Check out her next single, “Worth It” which features a powerful message for women of all ages.

NYCS 2018 Artists to Watch: Danielle Bradbery

Listen: Worth It
Stay Connected: @DanielleBradbery


  1. Cale Dodds – Rising artist, Cale Dodds has racked up over 8 million streams with his break out single, “People Watching”. Fans of Dustin Lynch and Ryan Hurd will definitely dig Dodds’ vibes.

NYCS 2018 Artists to Watch: Cale Dodds

Listen: People Watching
Stay Connected: @CaleDodds


  1. Morgan Evans – Our final ‘Artist to Watch’ in 2018, Morgan Evans hails from Austraila, just married country superstar Kelsea Ballerini and has his first single on country radio.  “Kiss Somebody” is infectious and watching Evans’ live show will mesmerize fans, he uses a peddle loop to play each of the instruments and acts as his own backup band.

NYCS 2018 Artists to Watch: Morgan Evans

Listen: Kiss Somebody
Stay Connected: @MorganEvansMusic


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