Ross Copperman: Somewhere There’s A Light On – EP Review

Ross Copperman’s new EP, Somewhere There’s A Light On is available now, May 21st, on all streaming platforms. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new music.

GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter, Ross Copperman has been one of Nashville’s biggest songwriters over the past eight years, accumulating 29 number-one hits for artists such as Brett Eldredge, Darius Rucker, Kenny Chesney, Dierks Bentley, and many more. These songs include “Lose My Mind,” “If I Told You,” “Get Along,” and “Living,” to name a few.

While songwriting has been his bread-and-butter, Copperman also has an extensive catalog of his own pop-heavy material. On this project, Copperman teamed up with other big-name writers in the business such as Shane McAnally, Ashley Gorley, Emily Weisband, and even pop-star Ed Sheeran to create five brand new tracks.

“I’ve always liked to write songs to live in any world and not necessarily be too specific to genres,” Copperman shared in a recent press release. “It feels like pop has really been influenced by country writing in the last few years.”

The EP begins with the faith-based tune, “Not Believe.” Copperman admits that it can sometimes be hard to believe there’s something bigger than us out there, referencing God — especially when things are not going your way. However, he meets this wonderful woman who restores his faith and makes him believe. It starts off as a slow piano ballad, but has a large build-up in production when the chorus comes around.

“How can I hurt so long? Finally, come up to breathe // And see the best part of my life standing right in front of me // And not believe”

“Electricity” is a more fun, upbeat track in which Copperman praises this woman, calling her ‘electricity,’ as she lights up his love and his life. He compares her to a strike of lightning because they both rarely happen twice. In “Therapy,” the singer claims he doesn’t need doctors or pills to get him through dark days because this girl’s love is his form of therapy. His smooth, romantic vocals shine on these tracks. Both of these songs were co-written by Copperman, Johnny McDaid, and Ed Sheeran.

Copperman uses the title track as a PSA to what seems to be one particular individual. He is reassuring this person that when life gets you down or you are finished chasing your dream, come home to somewhere there’s a light on, aka, himself. This can be classified as EDM, as there is a bass drop after the chorus.

“When you’re lost, when you’re cold // When you can’t see the road // When the sky runs out of gold and you need a ride home // Take your time, feed your soul // If you ever find yourself alone // And you need a place that feels like home // Somewhere there’s a light on”

Copperman shows his flirty side in the final song, “Holdin’ You,” as it is about the physical aspect of love. The singer ignores the advice of others, who tell him they are moving too fast and that if they want this relationship to last, they have to wait. He responds with “we don’t know what tomorrow is holding. I just know I don’t wanna quit holding you.”

When Copperman writes hit songs, it may be expected of him to just pass them on to another artist. But these tunes were clearly so unique and personal to him that he had to keep them for himself. Although it leans pop, Copperman certainly has five very special tracks here.

“I’m so happy and filled with such a profound sense of joy and optimism for the future. I’ve always felt like my purpose in writing songs that I record would be to share joy and encourage somebody who’s down to know there’s a light on somewhere for them,” Copperman said. “I’m inspired and also, feeling a little vulnerable which feels good. I’m excited. It’s my next chapter.”

Somewhere There’s a Light On Tracklist: 
1.     “Not Believe” (Copperman, Jordan Reynolds, Emily Weisband)
2.     “Electricity” (Copperman, Ed Sheeran, Johnny McDaid)
3.     “Therapy” (Copperman, Sheeran, McDaid)
4.     “Somewhere There’s a Light On” (Copperman, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne)
5.     “Holdin’ You” (Copperman, Ashley Gorley, McAnally)

Ross Copperman's new EP, 'Somewhere There's A Light On' is available now, May 21st, on all streaming platforms

Ross Copperman’s new EP, ‘Somewhere There’s A Light On’ is available now, May 21st, on all streaming platforms

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