Who Is Rachel Bradshaw? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

Who is Rachel Bradshaw? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…

The Beginning:

Today our spotlight shines on an artist you may know, Rachel Bradshaw. Bradshaw is an award-winning singer-songwriter, entertainment personality, daughter of NFL Legend Terry Bradshaw, and star of E! Network’s The Bradshaw Bunch. With a long history in the country music world, Bradshaw has recently reinvented herself and taken her power back through her music. We enjoyed our conversation with her, and we think you will too.

The songstress grew up just outside of Dallas, Texas, where she was captivated by music at a young age. “I was introduced to music early on. My dad would play guitar and he would always sing Patsy Cline’s “Crazy,” and that was the song we would sing together,” she recalls.

Although she played sports too, eventually Bradshaw’s parents asked her and her siblings to pick one thing to focus on. She picked music. “I wanted to be the biggest superstar and I had these big dreams, but I didn’t really know how to go about it,” she shared, adding later, “I grew up singing at all the Texas Opry’s.”

Drawing inspiration from incredible talents like LeAnn Rimes, George Strait, and The Chicks, Bradshaw chased her dreams to Nashville. “Nashville was the place to go. You have to be in Nashville,” she declared.

The Turning Point:

At eighteen years old, Bradshaw made the move to Music City to attend Belmont University. It was upon moving, where the singer discovered a different side to music and the music industry. “When I got to Nashville, I was like I have to learn to write songs,” she begins. “I started to become friends with people like Dallas Davidson and Jamey Johnson, and all these huge songwriters, and they were great friends because they taught me how to write. That’s kind of where I started.”

With a newfound passion for the artist side of country music, Bradshaw was hellbent on making it her career. She drew inspiration from artists like Johnny Cash and Patty Griffin, as she crafted her own talent as both a singer and a songwriter. “I started to be a fan more of the art part, more than being a big star on stage.”

Throughout her journey, Bradshaw experienced both publishing deals and a record deal, as well as, songwriting success on the country charts, but when her label went under, her desire and path in country music shifted.

“After the label went under, I had been in Nashville for like fifteen years and I was pretty exhausted, and I was just kind of like tired of the industry, so I moved back home, and our family got our TV show and I was working with my family filming.” It was during this time that music also came back into her life.


When the pandemic first began, Bradshaw found herself turning back towards music. “The coronavirus hit and I was by myself, at home, and single. […] I literally just got on the piano one day, and I just started writing.”

What started as an emotional escape for Bradshaw became her debut self-titled EP release. “When I wrote this EP, it was fun, and this was the only album I ever released, and I’ve made a few records. I’m kind of proud of that,” shared the songstress. “I think it was good that I was in a little room in Texas by myself […] I think that really helped to just be creative.”

The record features six songs, with five of them penned by the singer. All inspired by romantic relationships, Bradshaw’s vocals and songwriting are equally as impressive. One of our favorite songs off the EP, “Wild Horse” was inspired by the hope for love in the future. “And then you have “Wild Horse,” where I was like can I write a song about the ultimate love that I want to feel- that’s going to be “Wild Horse,” explained the singer.

The EP also features an incredible collaboration with Jamey Johnson, “If I Needed You,” the only cover on the project. “I wanted it to be pretty acapella […] And I just wanted it to sound haunted, like so beautiful, where it’s like super dark.” Bradshaw also shared that a music video for the song is slated to be released soon.

Fans can look forward to more new, and authentic music created by Bradshaw this year. Soon she will be releasing her long-awaited fan-favorite song “Everything A Daddy Won’t Say.” It is safe to say that this is a time in Bradshaw’s career, where she has truly found her sound.

“It’s so much fun to have complete control of my artistry”


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