Luke Bryan & His Wife Play Hilarious Pranks during the ’12 Days of Prankmas’

Each year, Luke Bryan’s wife, Carolina, sets up the funniest pranks during her ’12 Days of Prankmas’ and because of social media, fans can follow along. This year, their first victim was Luke’s mom, LeClaire. Watch as a ‘crazed’ fan ‘Trailer Trash Tammy’ tackles the superstar to the ground, his mother’s reaction is priceless.


Next up, Day 2 was scaring unsuspecting shoppers at Luke’s 32 Bridge where a mannequin magically comes to life wearing Luke Bryan gear.

Day 3 was the smelliest prank so far, until ‘smell-o-vision’ is created, we can only imagine what they could be getting a whiff of but by their reactions, it is nasty.

On Day 4, Luke mom, LeClaire got in on the prank war, keeping a straight face when asking her buddies where is the nearest ‘adult store’ because she was “bored”.

On Day 5, the Bryans pranked two of their NBA superstar friends, Jimmy Butler and Meyers Leonard as they are getting ready to enjoy a delicious meal together. Their pet turkey, Juanita makes a special guest appearance here.


Whether it’s pranking her family, friends or strangers, there is nothing that the Bryans won’t do for a good laugh. To watch the next 7 days unfold, follow Caroline Bryan on Instagram.



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