Scooter Brown Band Perform & Chat During Their NYCS Times Square Pop-Up…

Scooter Brown Band with NYCountry Swag

It’s not often that three men in cowboy hats with guitars can be found standing in the middle of the hustle and bustle of New York City’s infamous Times Square plaza but last Thursday that is exactly what you would have found.  New York Country Swag hosted a pop-up show with Scooter Brown Band and three members of the band took center stage to play songs off their brand new album, American Son.

Just like many New Yorkers passing by that day, you might be wondering, who is Scooter Brown Band?  Hailing from Texas, the band led by Scott “Scooter” Brown are a southern rock band with a twist of country. After two tours overseas with one tour of combat in Iraq, the lead singer decided to swap out guns for a guitar and pursue a music career.  Gathering a group of guys from Texas and Nashville, he formed his band which has now had the opportunity to open for Travis Tritt, the Marshall Tucker Band and one of their biggest influences, Charlies Daniels Band.

“Songwriting, that’s one of the things I love….I write a lot from experience, I write a lot from the heart.” Brown tells us during our chat with him last week.  The band co-wrote 12 of the 13 tracks on their latest album, American Son.  “The coolest thing about it is, getting something that is in your head, go from pencil and paper to guitar and into a studio and perform it live, it’s like watching a kid grow up,” he says of his favorite part of the songwriting process.

During his time in the marines, Brown became good friends with “American Sniper” Chris Kyle. Looking back on a conversation Brown had with Kyle about buying a bar together and what they could name it, the idea for a song became rather clear.  “He looked at me seriously and said we should call it “Valor” to pay homage to all of our brothers and sisters that fought in combat to fight for our country and he said no matter if you’ve got a medal for it or not, we all fought with valor,” he told us. Sparking an idea in his head, Brown threw some song ideas to Kyle and “Valor” was given life.  “That is the kind of guy that Chris Kyle was, any light that shined on him he kind of hoped that it would reflect off him and shine on everyone else,” he said of his friend. Unfortunately, the song was not complete before Kyle’s death but Brown finished the last verse and performed it at the funeral at Cowboys Stadium for all of those who loved and cherished the fallen hero.

Writing from a personal place is something the band does well.  Each song off their new album feels authentic and fans of the country music genre will appreciate the story each song tells. To learn more and purchase their latest album check out and be sure to follow them on their social media accounts, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

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