Lee Brice’s Next Single is Here!

Lee Brice Debuts "What Keeps You Up at Night"

Back in May, Lee Brice released “Boy” the first single off his forthcoming album and fans and critics alike were touched by the incredible ode to his sons.  If “Boy” was any indication of what is to come from the artist, his next single released Friday takes Brice to a whole new level.  “What Keeps You Up at Night” kicks off the 15-track record which is slated for release November 3rd. With a brand new baby daughter, Trulee Nanette, and two growing boys, Brice is obviously aware that the important things in life are his family. Not only does the mid tempo song showcase Brice’s amazing range but the lyrics encapsulate maintaining priorities in a crazy world. Brice co-wrote the song with Jessi Alexander and Ross Copperman.

What keeps you up at night? / What makes your heart beat wild? / what weighs on your mind, leaves you paralyzed what keeps you up at night? / what makes you take a stand, wanna get up and dance /  what makes you laugh til you cry, raise your hands to the sky, what keeps you up at night?”

“Lyrically, personally and musically it’s one of my favorite songs on this album — it was the beginning, the foundation and the bare soul of this album,” he tells People Country. “I didn’t want it to lull anyone to sleep — I wanted it to rock. Now, maybe, just maybe, it’ll cause someone out there to consider what keeps them up at night.”

The self-titled record promises to be some of Brice’s best work yet. Lee Brice is hitting the road with opening Morgan Evans, one of our 5 Rising Country Artists You Should Be Listening To.  The tour stops at Playstation Theatre in NYC on October 19th and Starland Ballroom in NJ on October 20th.  Grab your tickets here. Check out the track listing below.

Track Listing:
• What Keeps You Up At Night
• Little Things
• American Nights
• Boy
• They Won’t Forget Us
• I Don’t Smoke
• You Can’t Help Who You Love
• Rumor
• The Locals
• Songs In The Kitchen
• Story To Tell
• Have a Good Day
• Eyes Closed
• Dixie Highway
• The Best Part of Me