NYCS Swag Spotlight: Parker McKay

Parker McKay

If you are looking for a talented female rising artist to support, look no further than this week’s Swag Spotlight, songstress Parker McKay. The northeast native has carved out her niche in Nashville’s country music scene and her eclectic taste of music has surely influenced her singing, songwriting, and pop-country sound.

Growing up in Northeastern New Hampshire, McKay found herself drawn to music on the radio airwaves. She listened to singers like Shania Twain and the Dixie Chicks, while simultaneously liking pop-radio and artists like John Mayer. Little did she know that these experiences would influence her and her music in the future. “I feel like back then pop radio had kinda everything on it,” she tells us, “I really was able to cherry-pick what I have liked from each genre to create the cocktail of what I do musically.”

Although she always knew that music and singing was something she wanted to do, McKay did not originally follow the path to becoming a singer-songwriter. After high school, she left home to attend college in New York City to study theatre. After finding success in NYC, the songstress came to a crossroads. “I just realized I needed a place with a bigger music community, so I moved to Nashville.”

For the last five years, McKay has resided in Music City, where she has pounded the pavement, working as a singer-songwriter in the country genre. Her dream of telling her own story in her music was coming to fruition. Though she was lucky enough to find success and her place in Nashville quicker than some, the singer shared that it has definitely been a journey. “I just went everywhere I could and met everyone I could,” she shares, “It was definitely a huge, huge change of pace on every level.”

Despite the winding path, McKay has found her voice in Nashville. She is able to create music that feels like her, and she is able to write lyrics that she is passionate about. Most recently, the songstress released “Pity Party”, a single that is both an absolute bop and a song with an impactful and meaningful lyrical message.

We chatted with McKay about the new single, and it was easy to see how special the song is to her. “Honestly I had the idea for “Pity Party” come into my head one day, out of nowhere really,” she tells us about how the song came to fruition. She brought the idea to a write one day and was able to finish the song.

Although disguised as a break-up song, “Pity Party” is much more about what weighs on the singer’s heart, as well as, how she feels about herself. Although personal, the song is extremely relevant to women everywhere. “As a woman,” she tells us, “We’re made to feel like if we make someone else uncomfortable in any way, that we owe them an apology because it’s our job to caretake all the time. Empathy is, of course, important but you also don’t have to take responsibility for everyone else’s problems all the time.” McKay demands respect in her relationships and carries herself with grace and confidence.

The song’s message is so prevalent in today’s society, and it is exciting and refreshing to see a new artist have the courage to express that narrative. Heading into the future, McKay hopes to continue to surprise fans and keep them guessing. She revealed to us that her next single, a song about mental health and relationships, will be out sometime in the summer.

Additionally, this summer, New Yorkers can look forward to McKay’s rescheduled Rockwood Music Hall show on August 6th. The intimate New York City venue will be the perfect setting to fall in love with a new musician or to continue your support of McKay and her one of a kind talent.

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“Pity Party” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.



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