Here Are All of Kane Brown’s Number One Songs in His Catalog

Here are all of Kane Brown’s number one songs on country radio in his music catalog. The singer-songwriter has eleven number ones to his name.

We love reminiscing about all the great country music to hit country radio over the last few years. In this series, we’re looking back on the songs that made it to the top of the country airplay charts. Today, we’re highlighting songs in Kane Brown’s career that hit the number one spot.




“What Ifs” – Kane Brown

Brown’s third single was the first to top the charts for the young, rising star. The song features his friend and former classmate, Lauren Alaina. The two singers contemplate what their lives would be like if one of them made a move and initiated a relationship. This duet also reached the top spot on the Billboard Country chart as well.


Heaven”- Kane Brown

This song was featured on the deluxe version of his debut album. Brown reflects on his relationship and the afterlife, doubting that Heaven will outdo the magic and simplicity of lying in bed with the love of your life.


“Lose It”Experiment

This song was the lead single for Brown’s sophomore album. Brown mentions all the things he wants to lose—his cell phone, the directions to the party, the bobby pins holding up his girl’s hair, and the dress she is wearing—so that he and she could “lose it.” The pop-influenced production on this track uniquely blended with the fiddle, setting up the “experimental” music phase Brown was about to enter.


“Good As You” – Experiment

In this track, Brown simply sings about how great his wife is and how he strives to be as good as her one day. The music video, however, suggests this is an ode to his guardians, specifically his grandmother, who cared for him when he was young. 


“Homesick” – Experiment

In the final single off his sophomore album, Brown discusses his quick rise to fame and how hard it is being away from his wife while on the road. Like “Good As You,” the message is different than what the lyrics indicate. In the music video and at his live shows, he dedicates this song to all the soldiers who have been away from home for years while serving our country.


“Famous Friends” (with Chris Young) – Famous Friends

Brown hopped on his good friend, Chris Young’s single about small-town fame. The song highlights individuals that are extremely popular in their hometown—the high school quarterback, the sheriff, the preacher, etc.—but people on the outside would have never heard of. This fun, upbeat song hit number one in July of 2021, and is still used predominately on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” as the background song before they go to commercial.


“One Mississippi”- Different Man

This song is about a couple that is having trouble officially ending their relationship. It seems as though every time one of them goes out and gets a little drunk, they wind up back in each other’s arms by the end of the night.


“Like I Love Country Music” – Different Man

One of Brown’s most “country” songs to date serves as the second single off his latest album. In this upbeat jam, he compares his love for his girl to his love for country music, referencing legends in the genre such as Alan Jackson, Willie Nelson, George Jones, Johnny Cash, and Brooks & Dunn. The music video takes place in a honkytonk with Brown leading the group of line dancers. 


“Thank God” – Different Man, 2023

Brown has had many different artists join his songs in the past, but this feature is a little more special. His wife, Katelyn, makes her radio debut as the two thank a higher power for bringing them together.


“Bury Me In Georgia” – Different Man

A true ode to his home state, Brown’s single “Bury Me in Georgia,” climbed the country charts fast. While the song is about where he wants his final resting place to be, it reads like a love note to his home state. Much like his love for his fanbase, the entertainer also has a great appreciation for the state that raised him.


“I Can Feel It” – (Unreleased 4th album)

Kane Brown scores his eleventh number one single with this lead single off his upcoming fourth studio album. The song is the perfect blend of country overtones mixed with a fun, pop-tempo beat, making it a perfect hit for Brown.


**“One Thing Right” with Marshmello

This EDM collaboration with Marshmello never topped Country radio, but hit number one on the Billboard Country charts. 


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