Morgan Evans

Morgan Evans 10 in 10 New York City Tour Stop

Morgan Evans


Ten nights, ten cities, one incredible artist.  Australian native, Morgan Evans has spent the past week touring the country, playing ten shows in ten nights and night number eight just happened to be New York City. Having played shows so far in California, Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Texas, and Georgia, Evans teamed up with Southwest Airlines to jet set to each location to promote his current single “Kiss Somebody”.

New York Country Swag has been following Evans since last year when he first played Opry Circle in the City, his infectious charisma hasn’t changed one bit as his American following has grown immensely over the past year. Signed to a record deal with Warner Music Nashville and gearing up to release his debut EP later this fall, Evans is primed and ready to bring the success he found in Austraila over to the states.

He opened his set with a single that was only released two weeks ago to digital outlets, however, the sold-out New York City crowd knew every single word to “Day Drunk”. “You guys are officially singing this song the loudest I’ve heard yet,” he stopped to tell the audience. Having moved to the United States just a few short years ago after traveling back and forth, Evans has since then met the love of his life, Kelsea Ballerini, got married and signed a record deal with a major Nashville record label.  His life has changed drastically and he wrote a love song to not only his wife Kelsea but also to America called “American” as well as “Life Changes” which he then mashed with Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'” and The Beatles huge hit “Hey Jude”.


One of the most unique and interesting parts of Evans’ show is the fact that he has the ability to play all of the instruments needed for each of his songs.  With the help of a pedal loop which allows him to record each individual part of the song he then plays them all together while he sings.  It is fascinating to watch and to start each song the crowd was attentive watching his talent shine through.  He sang “I Do” which was released just days after his wedding, pointing out that in the audience right up front was a couple who got engaged before he sang that song in Nashville a few months back.

His set wouldn’t be complete without “Kiss Somebody” which Evans’ explained, “As of last week, officially, crazily, became a top 1o single” thanking John Foxx and his team at Nash FM 94.7 for playing the tune. The smile on his face watching the sold-out crowd sing every word back to him was priceless and the perfect way to end a great night of amazing music from the newcomer.

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Morgan Evans



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Ryan Kinder Mercury Lounge

Ryan Kinder Grooves at His First NYC Show at Mercury Lounge

Ryan Kinder Mercury Lounge

Ryan Kinder, Warner Music Nashville recording artist played his first official full band show in New York City Tuesday night.  Kinder took the stage at Mercury Lounge in lower Manhattan to perform his music for a full room of fans.

His 60-minute set included a rockin’ song called “Alabama”, a heavenly cover of Al Green’s “Love and Happiness” and of course his latest single “Still Believe in Crazy Love” which Kinder then led the crowd in a full-blown sing-a-long of the last chorus.  For fans who have been following his career, he played his debut single from 2014, “Kiss Me When I’m Down” which quotes New York in the lyrics. (“And now I’m flying high / Just crossed over the New York lights / Where are you tonight? / Am I too late to make this right? / Will you hold me, touch me / Say that you forgive me / Save me when I hit the ground / Will you kiss me when I’m down?”)

Ryan Kinder Mercury Lounge

His smooth vocals along with his undeniable guitar playing make Kinder a definite one to watch for the new year.  His sound is unique, taking the best parts of country music songwriting and sonically mashing that with John Mayer, rootsy vibes.  Kinder was also joined on stage by two incredible background vocalists, Kristen Rogers and Stephcynie who enhanced each song with sass and powerful harmonies.

When we sat down with Kinder in September, he told us that his debut full-length album is definitely in the works.  “We don’t have a date. I’m taking my time on it because I want to get it right,” he explained. Looking forward to the new year and new music, be sure to follow Kinder on social media, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.



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