Rising Artist, Matt Ferranti Releases Post Breakup Song, “Pick Up”


Fresh-new country artist and musician in Brett Young’s touring band, Matt Ferranti released a brand new single, “Pick Up” on Friday, August 14th. This is Ferranti’s first release since his six-song, self-titled EP that dropped in January.

This breakup jam mixes a heavy, pop production and pounding drums with slivers of banjo and steel guitar in the background, giving it a very interesting and unique sound. Although the general theme of the song is nothing new in country music—a male protagonist who can’t stand the fact of his ex-girlfriend going out with other guys—in Ferranti’s version, he’s blindly optimistic. He believes the door remains slightly open, and that if she sees his picture pop-up on her phone, she’ll go running back to him, when in reality that is not the case. This is a hypothetical that every hopeless romantic has drawn-up at some point in their lives.

“Thoughts running wild all across my mind / but it ain’t the same for you /
‘Cause you’re out with some guy / moving on with your life / I call, I call but you don’t pick up”

With the cancellations of Young’s Chapters Tour, in which Ferranti had his own 30-min opening set on, and Jason Aldean’s We Back Tour, in which Young was apart of, Ferranti has used this free-time writing new material. We anticipate that “Pick Up” is the first of many new songs to come from this rising, country talent. Fans will soon know that Ferranti’s skills go far beyond the keys and the guitar, but in singing, songwriting, and performing.

Learn more about Ferranti and his journey to country music in our Swag Spotlight, here.

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“Pick Up” is available everywhere you buy or stream music.  Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.




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Who Is Matt Ferranti? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Who is Matt Ferranti? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about his journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…

Matt Ferranti

The Beginning:

This week’s Swag Spotlight might be a new solo-artist, but Matt Ferranti has been performing and grinding in the music industry for over a decade. The singer-songwriter has been a staple in superstar, Brett Young’s band, as his guitarist, for a few years now but he is finally embracing stepping out on his own. We spoke with Ferranti about everything from how he got his start in the music industry to where he hopes his solo-career will take him over the next year, and everything in between.

Growing up in Bay City, Michigan, music was a huge part of his upbringing. Ferranti’s father worked as a minister and his mother was a worship leader, so contemporary Christian music was his first introduction to music. As his taste developed, the singer became interested in all different types of artistry from John Mayer to Steven Curtis Chapman to Warped Tour bands, and even boy bands. “I am a hell of boy band fan,” laughed Ferranti, “Justin Timberlake is my jam. I grew up singing that all the time too.” Early fans of Ferranti might know that he often throws an *NSYNC cover into his longer sets.

After playing in many bands all through school, Ferranti found himself in a band that leaned more towards the contemporary country sound. The Detroit-based band found success, opening up for groups like Thompson Square and Gloriana. On a whim and a suggestion from Gloriana, Ferranti and his band finally picked up and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, with hopes of furthering their careers.

The Turning Point:

Knowing virtually no one in Music City, the rising artist found himself humbly working as a bar-back in downtown Nashville and working on improving his songwriting skills. He soaked up as much of the Nashville scene as he could, all while trying to hone his craft.

“I just kinda loved being in Music City. I just like being around it. It’s always kinda popping around. It’s crazy I use to want to be a writer at first,” he explained, “ Nashville humbles you real quick […] I had to bust my tail to really improve so that, basically it’s what they say when preparation meets opportunity […] realizing how damn prepared I have to be.”

For the next five years, Ferranti worked playing every gig and writer’s round that he could, even adding that he would write over 125 songs a year at times. Recognizing his talent and passion for music, his friend and bandmate, Brett Young told him that he was going to help him introduce fans to his own music.


This catapulted Ferranti into writing five songs he called “the best songs I’ve written in my life,” all in one weekend, and getting to work with Jimmie Robbins to help produce his debut self-titled EP. Out of the six songs on the project, “Make It to the Bedroom,” featuring Hannah Ellis is the only song he didn’t write. According to the singer, it was written by Ellis, with Nick Wayne and Josh Kerr. Ferranti loved the song so much that he knew he had to put it on his EP almost instantly; despite, almost losing it to another artist.

When it comes to the other five songs, he shared, “…I just wrote love songs about my wife. We’ve been together nine years and basically, it’s like, when I wrote these songs, I finally had a vibe.” Ferranti went on to conclude, “I feel like the whole record has a vibe and once we kinda curated that vibe, the lyrics just start coming. We had a story to tell, we had something to say.”

Currently, Ferranti is not only playing in Young’s band still, but he is also the opening act for him on ‘The Chapters Tour.’ We caught the singer last month in New York City, and it’s safe to say that fans resonated with him and his sound. As he continues to garner more and more fans, the artist hopes to work his way towards earning a record deal and hopefully playing shows with other artists or his own shows, in between shows with Young. He even mentioned that he would love to play with his good buddy and fellow singer-songwriter, Filmore.

Additionally, Ferranti hopes to deliver a full-length project sometime in 2020. “I felt like that was the perfect little click before the record comes out of who I am and what I have to say,” he says about the EP, “ And I can’t wait to finish the record. I think the whole story is going to be dope,” he added mentioning that he has seven more songs to record.

It’s clear from his debut record that Ferranti is the real deal. With just six songs, he has cultivated a clear voice and message for fans to get on board with. The passion that he has for music simply rivals that of any established artists in the industry, and we’re excited to see where that passion and talent takes him.

To keep up with Matt Ferranti follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Matt Ferranti EP is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.