Country Music Songwriters Collaborate on “A Star Is Born”

A Star is Born


“A Star is Born” has already broken box offices records since its release on Friday, October 5th. A memorable collaboration of a country-rock superstar Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) alongside an up and coming pop sensation Ally (Lady Gaga) have taken audience members from all over the country on an emotional, musical ride.

Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut included inspiration from Lukas Nelson, Willie Nelson’s son. Many would wonder, how did this come about? Well, Nelson caught Cooper’s eye back in 2016 playing with his band “Promise of the Real” at a classic rock festival alongside Neil Young. Nelson impressed Cooper so much so that he was asked to be the music producer for the film. Nelson’s country rock influence and years of band experience molded the Hollywood actor into his character, the infamous megastar, Jackson Maine.

It was not long before the working relationship of Lukas Nelson, Bradley Cooper, and Lady Gaga took off. Their chemistry while recording the album and movie was second to none. In an interview with Billboard, Nelson speaks to their dynamic relationship by saying “Its a great collaboration and a beautiful friendship that we have, it seems more like an extended family with those guys.”

Nelson worked with Cooper and co-wrote and produced many of the songs on the soundtrack of “A Star is Born.” One particular track that he takes pride in producing is “Shallow.”  Both the voices of Cooper and Gaga are glorified to create an incredible performance during the movie. It is no surprise that Cooper has already scored his first Billboard Hot 100 hit with this song, as it seems to be the unofficial theme song of the movie.  Other country music songwriters that have songwriting credits on the soundtrack include Hillary Lindsey (“Girl Crush”), Lori McKenna (“Humble and Kind”), and Natalie Hemby (“Automatic”).

“A Star is Born” is truly a blockbuster in the making, with rave reviews and a lot of award nominee buzz. From the studio album to the big screen, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga don’t miss a beat. The powerful lyrics perfectly depict a heartfelt story about addiction, love, and attaining success as a performer in the public eye. Nelson was quoted by Billboard explaining how it all came together, “The way that I approach my songwriting, I think there’s a lot of me in “A Star is Born.” These are songs that I’ve written about my own life, and in a way, they can be applied to any situation.” Be on the lookout for Lukas Nelson and The Promise of Real playing throughout the movie in theatres now!


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