NYCS First Impression: Dustin Lynch, Current Mood


With his latest single “Small Town Boy” hitting the number one spot on the country charts this week and gearing up for the release of his new album, Dustin Lynch is riding high. Current Mood, available everywhere today, is a diverse look at Lynch’s versatility featuring songs that highlight his different influences. Having a hand in writing seven of the thirteen tracks on the project, it’s a personal testament to the artist he is becoming. The Tullahoma, Tennessee native writes about what he knows, and Current Mood showcases the different sides of the artist and his smooth vocals.

The production on some of the tracks may lean away from his country roots, combining R&B and pop to create a new lane in the country genre, that so many artists have experimented with recently. “Here We Come” and “Back On It” along with the seductive “Seein’ Red” and “Why We Call Eachother” are just a few examples of what his fans have to come expect, a sultry song with impeccable delivery.

For the songs that stray away from the twang of a country vibe, “Small Town Boy” Lynch’s current single brings him right back. This being his fifth single to reach the top of the charts, “I’m a dirt road in the headlights / I’m a mama’s boy, I’m a fist fight / Kinda county line, kinda cold beer / Little hat down, little John Deere” doesn’t get much more country than that.

A stand out on the record is “Love Me or Leave Me Alone”, written by Dustin Christensen and Chris Gelbuda.  Lynch is joined by Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild who lends her beautiful harmonies to the emotional song about the need to make a decision in a relationship and move on.

“If we’re just playin’ along, then we’re just playin’ ourselves / And I don’t want you to know where somebody is / Cause there’s magic between you and I / And I hate this impatience of mine / Love me or leave me alone / Hold me or just let me go / Cause I’ve felt this fire for so long / So baby love me, love me / Love me or leave me alone”

The album also has its quintessential party and drinking songs that will no doubt be crowd pleasers at Lynch’s headlining, Ride of Die Tour kicking off this fall. “Party Song” and “Wish You Were Beer” are some examples of what to expect during his live performance so get ready to hold your drinks high and sing along.

Grab Current Mood on iTunes here and check out our Instagram for stories from Lynch’s iHeart Radio Album Release Party.




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