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All The Things Landyn and Nicolle

Earlier this week we spoke with lifestyle influencer Landyn Hutchinson and songwriter extraordinaire Nicolle Galyon about the theme song to Landyn’s new podcast being released this Monday, being working moms and how important it is to follow your dreams. The two business owners, mothers, friends, and creatives met in 2011 in Nashville before either of their businesses had really taken off. “Landyn has been my ambition twin…you have different things in common with different friends and my overlap with Landyn is that I feel like, we are equally ambitious and go about our dreams and curiosity in the same way,” Nicolle explains. “I think that is one thing about us, we both know what it takes behind the scenes and we do kind of, know what one another is thinking, ” Landyn echos the sentiment.

Many country music fans know of Nicolle Galyon and or at least, know the incredible songs she has written and we have highlighted her career as one of our Women of the Month last year but for those who don’t follow Living with Landyn, you are missing out. She uses her platform of social media to connect with women, and men, across the country and makes you truly feel like you are her best friend. She has built a following of over 200k people on Instagram who look forward to her hilarious banter, her delicious recipes, her adorable dog Jack, and hearing about her loving 8th grade sweetheart turned husband Steve, and her two beautiful children, Lily and Luke. Whether she is sharing the best skin care products or a Target steal, you always know that if she loves it, you will love it too. She is real with her followers, there is no facade or filters to make her life look perfect, you feel like you want to share her victories and when she bares her soul and cries about something, you feel her pain too. After pursuing and opening her own brick and mortar store right in her hometown of Nashville last year, Landyn is ready to make another career dream come true, a podcast.

Landyn All The Things

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“I only deliver authenticity, it’s me, it’s raw, it’s what I’m talking about, what I’m thinking about. I want people to walk away with something that can make them think,” Landyn says of the podcast. “Whether its a recipe, an easy entertaining idea, something about marriage or raising kids. I’ll have people on like my husband, my mom, my daughter, my esthetician, my gynecologist, to my dermatologist, I think things we are all curious about and real-life honest conversations.”

The first Living with Landyn podcast will be available each Monday and on Fridays, she will release a short Q&A, similar to her popular ‘Hey Landyn’ segment from Instagram where she will answer specific questions that her followers submit.

The theme song, “All The Things” was written before the podcast even came to fruition by Nicolle along with Grammy award-winning songwriter Lori McKenna.”Lori is a Landyn groupie, I was calling her like ‘I’m a Landyn fan, you’re a Landyn fan, we should just do this to surprise her’,” Nicolle reveals about writing the song. “What do you get the girl that tells everyone what to get, you write her a song because that’s really is all there is left to give.”

The track, also sung by Nicolle, is a true testament to not only their unwavering friendship but every girl with a best friend can relate to these lyrics. “I love all the things you are, all the good and bad, all the happy, sad /  all the real, real life parts /  you’re a mess, perfect, take a breath, make it work, it ain’t that hard / cause I love all the things you are”.

Nicolle All The Things

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Showcasing the real, real life is what Landyn does best and so the lyrics to this cheerful theme song fit her brand perfectly. “We just really tried to write something that makes you feel how you feel when you go to Landyn’s page, or when she gives you the morning announcements, ‘bright-eyed, sun, and whimsical, like anything is possible, quick thinking so hard about everything and just enjoy your life’ feeling,” Nicolle continues.

Finally, with Mother’s Day approaching this weekend we spoke about the importance of being a mother as well as making the decision to pursue and follow a dream while their daughters get to see and experience life’s failures and victories right alongside them. “Being a mother has shown me who I am, it’s just like a giant mirror up to my face every day and if I am a creative person and I want to be as authentic as possible and motherhood keeps you grounded and authentic, you can not be a faker and be a mom,” Nicolle reveals. “I feel like I have the opportunity, I think my North Star is trying to live the life that I would want for my daughter, by doing that I somehow give myself permission to dream bigger than I would if I was just thinking about it for myself.

Landyn’s daughter Lily who just started high school takes an active role in all things Living with Landyn, supporting her mom, and even taking the initiative to write her own blog posts and take over her Instagram for a week. “It’s been really neat to watch, I’ve even watched her put more into things that she is been doing just because she sees the passion in it and the hard work,” Landyn tells us. “I am very open about failing and feeling down and feeling defeated and having fear, getting back up again I can certainly hide her from those things but I think it’s important for her to go through all of it,  experience it with me and for her to see that you can do hard things.”

Be sure to catch Living with Landyn the podcast this Monday and to keep up with Landyn follow her on Instagram and to keep up with Nicolle Galyon follow her on Instagram.

“All The Things” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.



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