Who Is Kinsey Rose? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

Who is Kinsey Rose? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Quick Facts:

Full Name – Kinsey Rose
Birthdate – May 8th
Hometown – Louisville, Kentucky
Current City – Nashville, Tennesee
Musical Influences – Loretta Lynn, Vince Gill, Chris Stapleton
Current Single – “Speed Of A Broken Heart” (As of article date – 4/17/23)

The Beginning:

Today we are highlighting incredible singer-songwriter, Kinsey Rose. Her story is full of grit, hard work, and an inspiring perseverance to make her dream a reality. Growing up in Kentucky, Rose always felt an undeniable connection to music. “I started playing music at a young age. First piano and then guitar, and I started writing little songs,” she began. “It was something that came naturally, and I always enjoyed creating music.”

She recalls crafting music and writing songs really early on. “I have tapes of me singing when I was young,” she shared. Adding, “I started writing songs in 5th or 6th grade.” During guitar lessons, she wrote her first song and was immediately hooked. “I was taking a guitar lesson and my homework was to write lyrics to a song to musical notes on the guitar. I remember putting the words together and I was like, ‘I really like this,’ and then right after that I started putting together choruses and writing songs.”

Throughout her childhood, the songstress recalls listening to contemporary Christian music, pop music, and later country music. “I grew up kind of singing in church and doing a lot of contemporary Christian and then pop. I loved Sheryl Crowe and Tom Petty, and all sorts of music like that,” she shared. “I found country music on my own. I started listening to these old vinyl records of people like Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline, and I was like ‘wow, there’s a whole other world out there’.”

At the age of sixteen, Rose started diving headfirst into country music. “I fell in love with country music and started writing more country songs, and then I found out about Nashville, Tennessee. People were saying I should go to Nashville, so I started making trips regularly and writing with other writers when I was 18 or 19.”

The Turning Point:

As soon as she could, Rose packed up her car and made the solo move to Music City. “I moved to Nashville and played up and down Broadway, kind of hustling and saving up money.” For Rose, her dream was the only option – there was no plan b.

“I went all in. I started making the trips to Nashville and I would play, and I would audition a lot to play a lot. […] As soon as I was able, I literally packed up my car, and I was staying on couches and in hotels, all sorts of places, I had no backup plan.” She added, “I had just my drive and me wanting to make it happen. I just dove right in.”

After grinding in Nashville for years, Rose found herself auditioning for the popular show ‘The Voice.’ She auditioned with the song “Cowboy Take Me Away,” by a group she loved, The Chicks. “When ‘The Chicks’ came out, for me seeing the girls singing up there on stage and seeing people singing along, I was like ‘wow that’s what I want to do,’ so that’s kind of how I fell into the country music side of things.”

The Voice also connected her with fellow songwriter, Marcus Hummon, who she would go on to plan a write with soon enough.


Flash forward to today, that write with Marcus Hummon happened, and the two, along with Chris Robbins created her latest single, “Speed Of A Broken Heart.” “I was going through the emotions from the end of a long-term relationship,” she began, sharing about the new song. “In the chorus, it says ‘7 years gone that I ain’t getting back.’ So it’s a very truthful song. It has a lot of emotions. It feels like it’s kind of a thunderstorm of emotions that you feel in that breakup.”

The new song marks a new era of music for the rising artist. “Speed Of A Broken Heart” is a song that anyone can relate to and find inspiration in. “It’s also kind of got a positive spin on it, like ‘and I’m moving on’ I like that because I try to be a pretty positive person through hard times, and I hope people can connect with that,” added Rose.

Fans can look forward to more new music from the singer-songwriter as the year progresses. While she will be on the road all summer, fans can expect a new song to drop then too, as well as, more new singles throughout the year. “I’ll continue to release songs for the rest of the year. I hope this one is a great kickoff for what’s to come next.”


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