Viral TikTok Stars in Country Music That We Love Right Now

Here are six country music viral TikTok stars that we are loving right now. Let us know how your list matches up to ours.


Viral TikTok Stars in Country Music That We Love Right Now

TikTok is full of talented budding artists with millions of followers. Overflowing with tons of incredible country songs that have gone viral way before they were even officially released, but it’s even more exciting to see all the country artists who have become stars because of their platforms. Check out a few of our favorites below. Let us know how your list matches up with ours.

Lily Rose

Recording artist Lily Rose, quite literally rose to fame thanks to TikTok. Her song “Villain” is one of our favorite songs on radio right now, and she is an absolute force. Rose caught the attention of Big Loud Records / Back Blocks Music and Republic Records who signed her to a joint-venture record deal in Jan. 2021. With over four million likes and over 600K followers on the platform alone, Rose is absolutely the real deal!

Noah Schnacky

Although Noah Schnacky was known before TikTok, the platform has exponentially increased his fanbase. The talented singer-songwriter has 6.7 million followers on TikTok alone. One of his recent singles, “She Broke My Heart” blew up on the platform and continues to make waves for Schnacky.


One of our favorite brother duo’s CB30 have 2.4 million fans on TikTok. They continuously post both comedic pranks on the platform, as well as, killer covers and original songs. Most recently, Christian and Brody covered “drivers license” by Olivia Rodrigo, which fans went crazy for. This led the duo to release their own official cover of the track to all streaming platforms. They also just released their original new song, “Healthy.”

Priscilla Block

Priscilla Block earned her record deal because of a viral TikTok hit! Her song “Just About Over You” is still trending on the platform and she is about to make her Grand Ole Opry debut this month. It is safe to say that Block is killing it. To learn more about her, check out our interview with the artist here.

Andrew Jannakos

With just under 800k followers on TIkTok, Andrew Jannakos became a bonafide sensation after his wife posted a video of him singing his song “Gone Too Soon” on the platform. Now, the singer is a signed artist, and his second single “Wine Country” was released just a few weeks ago. We are loving his talent, and cannot wait to see him blossom.

Kierra Lewis

Rounding out our list is Kierra Lewis. The incredible comedian is a superstar in the making. She went viral on TikTok with a comedic rant about Sam Hunt, and her newfound fame is proving to be one that we can all enjoy together in country music. She may not be a singer, but she’s too talented to leave off our list!

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