Throwback Thursday Honoring The Late Kenny Rogers

Nobody will ever sing a love song like Kenny Rogers did. The country music legend died last month but his music will live on forever. Rogers wasn’t defined by any genre, although country and pop songs were the main sources of his 120 hit singles. He was a man who brought country music to pop listeners. 



Rogers recorded 39 studio albums, 21 number one country hits and sold over 100 million records during his career which lasted over seven decades. He was a marvelous performer, is husky voice carried away the crowds and he always sang with sincerity and warmth.

Over the years Rogers delivered hits like “Lady’, “The Gambler”, “Lucille”, “She Believes In Me”, “Crazy”, “Coward of The County”, “Through The Years” and many more. If you want to listen to them, there’s a great video available on YouTube Kenny Rogers – Live By Request. Anyway, this list isn’t about his greatest hits but it’s about his little less known but still great songs.       


  1. Runaway Girl – An uplifting and happy melody will make any sad day a little brighter. “Runaway girl, there’s someone here who loves you/ And understands you, you’re not alone/ Runaway girl, I won’t stop until I found you/ And put my arms around you and take you home”


  1. I’ll Just Write My Music and Sing My Songs – It seems to be a song about writing music but it’s a bit deeper than that. It’s about heartaches and struggles in finding love. “I’ll write a song about heartache, cause heartache is my namesake/ We’ve come to know each other so very well/ And misery is my lover, it’s closer than a brother/ Cause it runs in my bloodstream so deep and so mean”


  1. So In Love With You – Love seems to be the main theme of his songs. They all are similar yet completely different. Every song has its own peculiar twists and play on words. “Come on girl, I need you here beside me/ I’ll show you love like you’ve never known/ And I will tell the world how much I love you/ ‘Cos all I wanna do is take you home/ ‘Cos I’m so in love”


  1. People In Love – There’s nothing more beautiful than people in love. Being loved by someone makes your life better and brighter. True love is the key to a beautiful life. “People in love/ Live every day/ Knowing each other by heart/ A power of two/ Leading them through/ Like a torch in the dark”


  1. Buy Me a Rose It’s a known Kenny Rogers song but it’s still forgotten. Little things are the key to a happy relationship and a good life.  “Buy me a rose, call me from work/ Open a door for me, what would it hurt/ Show me you love me by the look in your eyes/ These are the little things I need the most in my life” 


  1. Bed of Roses – Love isn’t a fairytale, it has its ups and downs. There are no knights in shining armor but there are ordinary men who can make a woman feel special and appreciated. “There’s no diamond on your finger/ Just a simple wedding bend/ Since your knight in shining armor/ Is just an ordinary man/ though I promised you a kingdom/ And we don’t have all we planned/ One of these nights when we’re making belief/ I’m gonna take you by the hand”


  1. Santiago Midnight Moonlight – Sometimes heartbreak is just the beginning of something great.  You never know when you’ll meet a sweet senorita and you’ll live happily ever after. “Tropical stars above/ Santiago midnight moonlight / The perfect place to fall in love / I can’t seem to get her off of my mind / She was the one of a kind / I was so lucky to find”


  1. Midsummer Nights – There’s something special about summer nights. The smell, warmth, and desire to live in those summer nights stay in your mind forever. It’s a beam of hope during snowy winter days. Is it summer yet? “She makes me tremble like I never before/ Bringing me up to keep me begging for more/ In every hour to be, let me satisfy your heart/ I can take the lonely days/ In return for the midsummer nights”


  1. In Our Old Age, – There’s a saying that “Life gets better after 50”. It has to true because even science proves it Science Proves That Happiness Begins at 50. “Life does not grow dimmer with the settin’ of the sun/ The best years of our lives still are yet to come/ In our old age love will just get better/ The longer we’re together, we’ll grow stronger every day/ Our bodies may get weaker and our hair will turn gray/ But love will never fade in our old age (love will never fade)”


  1. 727 East Magnolia – There are places that bring back memories, special places like first home, old school, closed theater. The places make you reminisce about good ole days. “And I could see you in my football jersey raking leaves/ I could see me hanging lights on our first Christmas tree/ I could see us nail those numbers on the door that afternoon/ At 727 East Magnolia Avenue” 

Kenny Rogers left a permanent mark on those who enjoyed his music. He left a wonderful legacy and his footprint on country music is undeniable. He was more than just Sweet Music Man. Rest in Peace Kenny.




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