Brent Cobb: Keep ‘Em On They Toes Album Review

Brent Cobb’s new album, ‘Keep ‘Em On They Toes’ is available now, October 2nd. Take a listen and check out our album review below as we dig a little deeper into the collection of songs.

Grammy award-winning, singer-songwriter Brent Cobb pays homage to his indie heritage in his latest album Keep ‘Em on They Toes. The project was released on his own label, Ol’ Buddy Records, via Thirty Tigers. The collection was produced by Brad Cook, who has produced artists to the likes of Bon Iver, Waxahatchie, and more, and is an assemblage of ten new songs including the lively title track.

“Keep ‘Em on They Toes” is a lighthearted, earthy tune with reminiscences of a Jack Johnson ambiance. Written with his wife Layne, it’s a tale of eluding the woes when ignorance is bliss. The song coincides with a music video directed by Christian Hanson which documents the full circle of a relationship.

“Shut Up and Sing” trails off of the album’s opener and takes what some people order and turns it upside down. Taking a remark often made towards successful artists who speak out, Cobb alludes to the implication that every so often it’s okay for the artistic connotation to take the lead. Sometimes the music just does the talking. He insinuates at the advice given not to talk, so he took it.. and made his voice hear another way…

“I wondered what I would shut and sing // And then it hit me // Lord have mercy, all us earthly fools // There’s poison in our rhetoric and bullets in our schools. // So I sing, what the hell is going on here? // Let’s take these blinders off our eyes and pull the cotton from our ears.” 

“Good Times and Good Lovin’” is a lot less cheeky than the prior and embellishes a swing-enticed rhythm and sensual keys. Hey, good times and good loving may not last forever, as told, but we sure as hell can keep this song playing all night.

“Sometimes I’m A Clown” is another sultry, slow groove of the bunch encompassing mild instrumentation while “Dust Under My Rug” speeds it up a little. The tempo is raised and makes the dance floor immensely inviting. “Soap Box” is “Shut Up and Sing” 2.0 but more civil. The Ellaville native sings, “Well good god, let’s hop off the soapbox and get along,” while over an abundance of jazz-influenced piano riffs and angelic female harmonics.

“The World Is Ending” is a track that was previously released in June in the depths of the pandemic when everything was still so uncertain. Cobb wrote the track years prior, but with today’s setting, was awfully appropriate to release now.

“Little Stuff”, the album’s final track, calmly concludes the project making it clear that it’s the little things that mean the absolute most.

Overall, Cobb’s Keep ‘Em On They Toes is a must-listen for fans of all genres.

Brent Cobb's "Keep 'Em On they Toes" is out now, October 2nd.

Brent Cobb’s “Keep ‘Em On they Toes” is out now, October 2nd.

Keep ‘Em On They Toes Tracklist:

1. “Keep ‘Em on They Toes”
2. “Shut Up and Sing”
3. “Good Times and Good Love”
4. “Sometimes I’m a Clown”
5. “This Side of the River”
6. “Dust Under My Rug”
7. “Soapbox”
8. “When You Go”
9. “The World Is Ending”
10. “Little Stuff”

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