Tenille Townes & Friends Release Virtual Cover of “Lean on Me”

As we are all utilizing apps such as FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom to stay in touch with our friends during this time of social distancing, music artists are no different. Rising country-star, Tenille Townes gathered friends such as Abby Anderson, Kassi Ashton, Keelan Donovan, Alex Hall, Adam Hambrick and Caylee Hammack for a group video chat/collaboration for the classic feel-good, Bill Withers tune, “Lean on Me”. Watch the video below:

The video starts with Townes on her couch, alone with her guitar. When she finishes the first verse, the screen breaks into seven sections. Hammack then appears and begins singing the next verse. Shortly after, the other five artists join the call. Each artist individually sang their own verse, but when the chorus comes around, in perfect harmony, they create a stunning rendition of the popular 1972 song, symbolizing that even in times of isolation, we can all come together to make something beautiful.

“These crazy times right now make me so grateful for my friends, for music, and the way we are still all connected,” Townes admitted. “It brought me so much joy hearing everybody’s voices come together on this song, and it’s my hope that it brings people a little joy and comfort out there when they hear it. We really all do need somebody to lean on, especially right now.”

The video ends with the seven artists’ screens cutting to black. After everyone has signed off, a quote from fellow Canadian singer-songwriter and poet, Leonard Cohen is revealed. It reads: “There’s a crack in everything, that’s how light gets in.” This quote must really speak to Townes, as she has used it previously to caption one of her pictures on Twitter.

Earlier this year, Townes joined NYCountry Swag for a Swag Session in New York City, performing two songs and chatting with our Managing Editor, Christina Bosch. Check out the full performance and interview in the video below.

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