Who Are Juna N Joey? The Story Behind Their Journey to Country Music

Who are Juna N Joey? The country-pop duo joined us to chat about their journey to country music. Get to know the rising stars here…


The Beginning:

We love supporting new and rising artists in the industry! Today, we are excited to introduce up & coming country-pop duo, Juna N Joey. Despite their young age, the brother/sister pair are incredibly talented and knowledgeable about music.

Growing up in West Palm Beach, Florida, the siblings were always surrounded by music. “Our mom’s dad was in a country band and he played a ton of instruments and wrote music,” shared the twosome. It was Juna though, who first fell in love with music at the tender age of three.

“I actually got into music lessons through the song “Love” by Frank Sinatra,” she tells us. “Then I did classical piano and vocals and that’s kinda when Joey came in the picture with music.” Joey shared that his first love was sports, but after attending one of his sister’s vocal lessons, he found his own voice.

Both Juna and Joey went on to attend performing arts schools and even sang and played in a rock band. “It was definitely one of our dad’s favorite times in our music journey,” joked Juna. Although the two loved performing rock hits from artists like Led Zeppelin and Blondie, country music was really what they were listening to.

“We always listened to country-pop music in the car, so we decided to take that path,” they explained. Later adding that they find inspiration from fellow duo’s like Florida Georgia Line and Dan + Shay. They also named artists like Kelsea Ballerini, Morgan Wallen, and Luke Combs as some of their favorite in the country genre.

Still, the duo reveals that they really do love all music. “I listen to pretty much everything,” shared Joey, “Some of my influences are Stevie Wonder and Adam Levine.” Juna also named Billy Joel and Elton John as two of her personal favorites.

The Turning Point:

With a dream to make country music declared, Juna N Joey decided to share their talent on their YouTube channel. Consistently putting in the work, the duo has over 80,000 subscribers on just that platform alone. “We would cover a bunch of songs on our YouTube channel and it would mostly be country-pop, that kinda thing.”

As independent artists, the duo continues to make strides with their music. They have toured with artists like Cade Foehner from American Idol and received recognition from some of the biggest producers and networks. They also just made a big move, buying a house and officially moving to Nashville to further their careers as singers and songwriters.

“I think the dream was ultimately to be in music, be on big stages, and continuing writing music,” shared Juna N Joey, when asked about their desires. If all of this news is not enough to be an epic turning point, their brand new song “Something Good To Miss” sure is.


The singers recently released new music, which was produced by Ken Royster (Luke Combs, “Hurricane)” and is off their upcoming self-titled EP. When asked about the track and the writing process, the duo shared their unique and interesting process with us.

“Joey and I have a thing called a ‘Hook Book’, which is pretty much in our phones, a notes page of a bunch of ideas that we’ll just write when inspiration hits,” shared Juna. Joey later added, “I’m more of doing the melodies and the music, and I bring in some lyrics, but Juna is mostly the lyrics and I’m mostly the harmonies and stuff.”

For “Something Good To Miss” the singers were able to bring the idea to a write with their co-writers in Nashville. “We said the title sounded like a story.” For them personally, the story is about having Florida to miss, since moving to Nashville, but they recognize that others may connect to the song in a different way. “That’s kinda how we relate to the song, but it can be different for a lot of other people and other family situations.” The song is currently finding success on streaming platforms and with fans.

Juna N Joey have a lot on the horizon for fans. They will continue to drop more music from their self-titled EP and hope to continue to connect with even more fans. The twosome are also headed to England in September to tour with another rising star named Twinnie. Additionally, they hope to play more shows in the states in the coming months. A behind-the-scenes video of their newest single is also slated to come out soon!

 “This feels like where we were meant to be and our destiny,” shared the duo. We couldn’t agree more and looking forward to hear more from the talented pair.



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