Jessie James Decker: ‘The Woman I’ve Become’ – EP Review

Jessie James Decker’s major label-debut EP, The Woman I’ve Becomeis out now, October 22nd on all streaming platforms. Check out our full review and listen to the brand new music below.

Jessie James Decker has been a fixture in the music industry, since she was a young girl. After going through a lot of trials and tribulations and three kids later, she is finally emerging as a full-grown badass woman on multiple fronts. After much anticipation, her major-label debut EP, The Woman I’ve Become is finally here.

Decker’s new project features seven perfectly-crafted songs, including two pre-released tunes, “Not In Love With You” and “Should Have Known Better.” The former is a heartbreak tune. Decker pours her heart out, letting fans into the vulnerability and self-reflection that this song emotes. The latter, “Should Have Known Better” exudes the confidence that you eventually regain after finally shedding a past relationship.

“Should have known better than to break my heart // Oh, ain’t it funny? // No, I never looked better and it’s all your fault // Oh, sorry, honey // But it’s over, yeah, I moved on, hallelujah, hallelujah // Should have known better than to break my heart”

JJD continues to dig deep into her vulnerable, yet confident side on the record. “Tell You Enough” is romantic and sensual, a song that is a reminder to your lover how much they are loved by you. Similarly, “Girls Like To Dance” feels hopeful and romantic in its own right.

Arguably the best two songs on the record come back to back, “Dance With Someone Else” and the project’s title-track, “The Women I’ve Become.” The former is heartbreakingly beautiful song about loving someone, but it just not being the right fit. You wish them the best and have nothing negative to say about the time spent together.

“Nobody cheated // nobody lied // this is where the sun sets on us // and leaves me out to dry // this part ain’t easy // it’s hard as hell // but I hope the right song comes along and you dance // with someone else” 

The title-track is the most personal on the project. The song appears to be a message to Decker’s father, who was absent in parts of her life. The lyrics touch on her marriage, her children, and the grieving process of not having a present father figure growing up. Although personal, the song is honest and relatable, and shows the influence Nashville has had on the singer over the years.

Despite the vulnerability that Decker shows throughout the record, she makes sure to end the project on a spicy note. “I Need A Man” is the touch of JJD that we are all used to from the old days. The song is sassy and relatable in its own right.

The Woman I’ve Become is our re-introduction to Jessie James Decker. She is a powerhouse vocalist that is sure to continue to be a mainstay in country music. The EP is definitely worth a listen!

The Woman I’ve Become Tracklist

  1. Not In Love With You
  2. Tell You Enough
  3. Should Have Known Better
  4. Dance With Someone Else
  5. The Woman I’ve Become
  6. Girls Like To Dance
  7. I Need A Man

Jessie James Decker’s brand new EP ‘The Woman I’ve Become’ is out now.

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