Pistol Annies Grace the Stage in NYC on Album Release Day

Pistol Annies NYC

Ashley Monroe, Angaleena Presley, Miranda Lambert

As fans waited for the iconic trio, the Pistol Annies, to take over beautiful Town Hall in New York City, on album release day, the buzz in the room was evident. Concert-goers were eager to see the Annies take the stage, after their several year hiatus for what would be an epic 75-minute performance.

The second the ladies emerged on stage, standing in front of their appropriately labeled mic-stands, Hippie Annie (Ashley Monroe), Holler Annie (Angaleena Presley), and Lonestar Annie (Miranda Lambert), the crowd erupted into applause and were on their feet, where they remained the entire night. Lambert, Monroe, and Presley, clearly feeling the energy, started the show off with their new song “Sugar Daddy,” followed by crowd favorite, “Feel a Sin Coming On” from their 2013 album Annie Up.

Lonestar Annie was first to address the audience and excitedly shared that their record, Interstate Gospel was finally available, just before singing “Bad Example”. Pumping up the crowd, she stated “Happy Friday to everybody. Happy album release day to us. We’re gonna do a bunch of songs about sin and men, and everything in between tonight. We’re gonna be setting a real bad example for you all.” Although a trio, the songstresses truly gave each other the spotlight when necessary, often mouthing the lyrics and dancing with each other, when one of the women had a solo in a song, such as when Monroe acted as lead soloist in “Dear Sobriety,” or when Presley took it home on “The Hunter’s Wife.”

Pistol Annies NYC

Ashley Monroe, Angaleena Presley, Miranda Lambert

Although beautifully talented in their own right, the ladies truly shine, as harmonizing goddesses, often sounding like one effortless and incredible voice. Their beautiful harmonies were showcased during their performance of Elvis Presley’s “Love Me,” and hard-hitting title track off their new project, “Interstate Gospel.”

The night was filled with many great moments; however, one of the highlights of the night came towards the end of the trio’s 20 song set, when Lambert spoke to the audience yet again, “ We appreciate y’all understanding us telling the truth. We sit around with girlfriends that live really big lives. Should I tell the stats now?! Two husbands, two ex-husbands, two children, one on the way, and 25 years. That’s a lot of shit to write about, you know what I mean. That’s not even counting in-laws, outlaws, mamas, and stuff. We really appreciate Y’all listening to us, and living our stories with us because we’re just trying to tell everyone’s story whether they’re ugly or not.” Concert-goers showed their love and appreciation for the ladies, as the women bared their souls, singing another crowd favorite, “Girls Like Us.”

The performance was relatable, authentic, and enchanting all in one, just like the Annies. The supergroup saved some of their best songs for the end of their set, including their sassy new single, “Got My Name Changed Back” and an old favorite, “Hell On Heels”; both resonating with the intimate group of fans present. The night closed with Monroe’s wedding song, an acoustic rendition of “I Hope You’re the End of My Story.”

New Yorkers were lucky to witness the Pistol Annies’ magic, as they delivered an unforgettable night. Next up, the ladies head to The Novo in Los Angeles on November 7th to close out their trio of concerts to promote their new record. Keep up with the Annies via their social media for more information and updates.



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