NYCS First Impression: Dan Smalley ‘If I’m Being Honest’

Dan Smalley - If I'm Being Honest

At NYCountry Swag, we pride ourselves on bringing you the freshest and newest voices in country music. Today, one of Big Machine Label Group’s newest signees, Dan Smalley released his debut EP entitled If I’m Being Honest. The singer has written songs for the likes of Ashley McBryde and Dillon Carmichael, but today fans get to see exactly what Smalley is made of as a solo artist.

The four-song EP is an impressive collection of songs that truly gives fans and country lovers some insight into Smalley’s voice and style. The new EP is a confessional record that focuses on story-telling and song-writing, two qualities we look for in any country record.

The record opens up with “Till Country Comes Back.” The lyrics are accompanied by both banjos and steel guitar, making the song feel both familiar and nostalgic. Smalley’s smooth vocals are easy to listen to as he sings about love.

According to the singer, the song is about, “a guy who’s willing to put his life on hold and wait for the love of his life.” Happily married, Smalley admits that he would “wait [his] whole life” for his wife.

“Lucky” is next up. The song begins with an impactful vocal and simple instrumentation. Written by the singer with talented songwriter, Brian Kolb, the rising artist sings about going through hardships, only to find his way back to his love. The happenstances can only be attributed to one thing, luck. It is a true confession in song form.

“I was some kind of crazy, wild out, and out of my mind /
Til you came and saved me from spinning off the end of the line /
I was livin’ like I didn’t have nothin’ to lose /
‘Cause I only knew what livin’ was like without you /
Now here you are lovin’ on me / Yeah, talk about lucky”

Continuing to bare his heart through song, the title track is the stand-out tune off the project. Smalley reveals his truth and his demons in this story-telling song, which he shares was written as a confession to his wife, his confidant. With an Eric Church feel and honesty that feels instantly country, the singer nails it with this song.

“Truth is I’m most of the time just shootin’ from the hip / So I tell folks I’ve moved on from the bones locked in why closet / Truth is it’s just easier to lie / If I’m being honest”

Rounding out the project is the song “Rich and Famous.” Smalley shows off his funky, country-rock side in the mid-tempo jam. Once again, the singer’s wife remains his muse for this song, as well as for the overall project.

Smalley’s debut project is a smash. He delivers a little bit of everything to country fans, while showing country lovers exactly who he is, which is a hard feat to accomplish through only four songs. The singer is the full package, and we are excited to continue championing his career, as he navigates the ever-evolving country music industry.

To keep up with Dan Smalley, follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

If I’m Being Honest is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music on our “New Country Music” playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

If I’m Being Honest Track List:

  1. “Till Country Comes Back”
  2. “Lucky”
  3. “If I’m Being Honest”
  4. “Rich and Famous”





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