Who is Hueston? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Who is Hueston? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about his journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Hueston | Photo credit: Angelo Martinez

Quick Facts:

Full Name – Cory Hueston
Birthdate – 12/11/1992
Hometown – Lantana, Florida
Current City – Lake Worth, Florida
Musical Influences – Keith Whitley, George Jones, Ray Charles
Label – Silver Wings Records
Current Single – “Every Time Is The Last Time” (as of date of article 5/21/24)

The Beginning:

The reasons why artists like Lainey Wilson and Jelly Roll have garnered millions of fans is not only because of their talent, but because of their authentic nature. Today’s spotlight artist laces that authenticity throughout his music. Cory Hueston, who goes by Hueston has lived and breathed music since an early age, and it is evident in the trajectory of his career thus far that he is as honest as they come.

“I was originally born in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. I moved to Florida when I was about seven, eight years old,” began the singer. “My mom really worked so many jobs to keep a roof over our heads that me and my brothers were just kind of running around the streets, being little hoodlums, and got into some bad things, had a lot of pain, had a lot of struggle, but when I found guitar, it was just one of those things that I picked it up and the pain went away. I was just happy.”

Hueston recalls having to grow up fast, but that music was always there for him. “The second I picked up that guitar I just knew that I wanted to do it for the rest of my life, and I’ve been doing it,” shared the singer, who found inspiration in so many different music genres throughout his upbringing. “I found a freedom in music. I found a home.”

Hueston is influenced by true artists. “I’m so into so many different things,” he shared. “I’m a huge hip-hop fan, I’m a huge R&B fan, I’m really into classic artists like Ray Charles, Etta James. I love the whole 60s, 70s rock era. I love Janis Joplin, I love The Doors, Hendricks. There’s so many different classic artists that I love, but also when it comes to country, I’m a huge George Jones fan and I’m a big Keith Whitly fan.” The singer also credits the music genius of Kanye West as a big inspiration. “You just get a paintbrush out and there’s no walls, you just paint a picture and you’re free. [Kanye] has been such an inspiration in that way.”

The Turning Point:

Since picking up the guitar, Hueston has been crafting music. “That spiraled into playing in bands and then that spiraled into becoming a singer. I was always writing music, but I didn’t know I was a singer that just kind of happened naturally,” he shared.

“I lived in Florida for many years. I started building and playing in bands and built out kind of like my musical talent here, and then ended up moving to New York City to chase the dream around eighteen. I lived there for a few years. Around 21, 22, ended up making connections in LA, and moved out there, did the whole music thing, and then eventually came back to Florida. Now, my hub is Nashville. I live in Florida, but I’m always in Nashville.”

While Hueston resided in New York City, he saw his dreams come to fruition. “ I started a band called The Broncos in New York City. We were supposed to be the next big thing,” he shared. Adding, “We got signed, and we ended up imploding because we were young and had big egos. Label dropped us. My dreams were crushed. Then I just made the decision, literally the day after, I was like I’m going to do the solo thing that I’ve really been wanting to do, and I dropped my song “Tidal Wave.” 

Spoiler alert – the single did not advance his career, but it did set fire to his tenacity. “I loved it. I’m one that really thrives in chaos and uncomfortabiliity. I just find that there’s true growth in it. […] I just stayed consistent and for about five years I build the Hueston brand and just dropped music, and I had a couple of viral moments and all of a sudden every label in Nashville is blowing me up.”

Eventually, Hueston took a meeting with Cindy Mabe at UMG Nashville. “I chose her, because I just know that she knows what this is,” he shared about signing his record deal with UMG’s Silver Wings Records.


Flash forward to today, Hueston is cranking out new music, as fans await his record. Most recently, the singer-songwriter dropped his single, “Every Time Is The Last Time.” It is the perfect blend of some of his rock and hip-hop influences with a country lyric. “When it comes to the rock and soul stuff that’s the feeling, that’s emotions, that’s the pain, that’s the bleeding on the record. And when it comes to hip-hop, that’s the swag and the vibe,” he shared.

The song came together quickly, according to the singer. “Me and my producer B Sims, we work on most of my music together. […] He’s also a fantastic writer too and always has great ideas. We were in an uber, and I can’t remember if he said it or I said it, but one of us said, “yeah, every time is the last time.” Some dumb shit about nothing, and we looked at each other and we were like write that down real quick, that could be a title,” he shared. Adding, “I just saw an image of you have this love interest or this kind of romantic situation, but you know it’s not going to work, it’s not the thing you should be doing, and every time you’re like this is the last time I’m doing this, and then you find yourself back in it.”

“Every Time Is The Last Time” is just the beginning for Hueston. He teased even more music to come. “Theres’s so much music. I’m going to be dropping so many singles, but there is an album. The album is finished. It’s incredible. Can’t give you the date yet, but that will be on the way this year at some point.”

In the meantime, fans can catch Hueston at various shows this summer, including opening dates for artists like Jelly Roll. Check out his list of shows here!


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