NYCS Swag Spotlight: Abby Anderson

Abby Anderson

“It takes a certain kind of weird to want to leave a social life to play music all day, but that’s me, just a big ol’ nerd that loves to sing,” says our next Swag Spotlight artist, Abby Anderson.  She laughs as she chats with New York Country Swag about her life leading up to releasing her very first single out to the world.

Anderson, born and raised in Dallas, Texas was the second oldest of seven kids, six girls, and one boy.  Growing up around music, she sang, played piano, and nurtured her creative side from an early point in life. After receiving some attention from playing piano one day, Anderson knew in her bones that she wanted to perform in front of an audience. Confidently, when she was just fifteen years old, she walked into her dad’s office and told him that she wanted to be homeschooled the rest of high school and move to Nashville.  Being the supportive parent she needed, he told her to graduate a year early and move there when she was seventeen and that is exactly what she did.  “My parents are awesome, they always taught us as kids, burn the ships, there’s no such thing as a plan B, you’re going to do something you better do it the best you can and you better be successful at it,” she explained.

Right upon her arrival into town she got to hustling, making connections and networking. “That is what’s so beautiful about Nashville, it’s so easy to meet not just people, but kind people who genuinely want to help you out,” she says of Music City.  Focusing on songwriting and getting into rooms with the right people, Anderson was signed to Black River Entertainment, after her friends pitched her songs to their A&R team.  Label head, Gordon Kerr sat her down and said he wanted to sign her, following the conversation, Anderson signed her record deal on the stage at the famed Ryman Auditorium.  “I am the luckiest girl to be over there, they are my family and my team and they are brilliant,” she exclaimed.

Her debut single, which was released last month “Make Him Wait” was written with Josh Kerr and Tom Douglas.  Kerr is a songwriter on Kelsea Ballerini’s smash hits “Love Me Like You Mean It” and “Dibs” and Tom Douglas is a songwriter on Miranda Lambert’s “The House That Built Me” as well as songs for Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Lee Ann Womack and many more country artists. Their latest collaboration, Anderson’s “Make Him Wait” started out a simple song about her current crush at the time. “Josh turned around to me and said ‘Well Abby, how do you get the guys what are your moves?’ and I told him ‘I make him wait for it, I make him work for it a little bit.’ He turned around and all of the sudden he was like “Make Him Wait” this is the song,” she tells us.  After the three discussed growing up what they had learned about relationships, and Anderson explained what her father taught her about her value and worth, the song was written in 45 minutes.

Anderson’s gentle vocals add such depth to the song, which takes you through courtship and eventually through the wedding day of a couple where the female realized chivalry is not dead and to expect it. It is empowering and a great reminder for women of all ages.  In a time when incredible music is being made by young females in the country music world, she is excited to be a part of this generation of well-respected women. “It’s so exciting and there is great music being made every single day by all kinds of artists and I’m just lucky that mine has a shot at being heard by a bunch of people,” she tells us.

This summer, fans all over the country will get to hear her new music, playing the Breakout Stage during CMAFest as well as shows in California, Boston, and Country Jam in Wisconsin. Hitting the radio tour circuit and opening shows for LANco and Russell Dickerson, Anderson has a busy summer ahead of her.  “It’s just so weird, I mean this in the most humble way, but I knew it was going to happen, in the fact that I knew I was going to be a performer, I knew I was going to get a record deal, but it was always a matter of okay but how, and okay but when? The how and when is what has me absolutely humbled, because I would never have thought this would happen this way this fast as it did, so I am very blessed.”

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