NYCS Swag Spotlight Featuring Logan Brill

Logan Brill

Tennessee native Logan Brill is back with brand new music and took time to chat with New York Country Swag about growing up learning about music and what she’s been up to for last three years since the release of her debut album, Shuteye.

After her parents split when she was young, she spent her time between East Tennessee and Middle Tennessee and recalls the weekends she spent on her father’s 40-acre property, listening to her father’s records and learning all about his favorite bands.  “We didn’t have cable television, we would chop wood to heat our place with a wood stove, it was pretty rustic but it was a space to be creative because that was really all you could do,” she tells us.

Cultivating a musical space for her to learn, her father had a room filled with tons of musical instruments including banjos, violins and guitars.  Brill decided early on that her father’s love of music was certainly something she wanted to pursue as her lifelong career.  She was ten years old when she and her sister picked up guitars and taught themselves different chords from a Bob Dylan songbook.

She remembers her father and his friends having jam sessions at least once a month, sitting around playing all different types of music and she loved being included in those special nights.  “My dad listened to a wide range of music but mostly country and Americana from the 70’s so Grand Parsons, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, The Eagles, and The Band,” she tells us. She also recalls listening to Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Alison Krauss, whose country and Americana influences ring true in her vibe and her sound.

Heading to Nashville after high school, she attended Belmont University and signed her first publishing deal with Carnival Music during her junior year.  “My friend who was interning at Carnival called me and told me to send her everything I’ve ever written, she said don’t ask questions just send me everything, so I sent her an email with recordings and songs I had written,” Brill explains.  “The rest is history, I got my publishing deal a few months later.”

Brill has recently released two brand new songs out into the world, “Good Story” and “Giving Up”, both showcase what she has been up to the last three years since her debut album.  The former, written by Luke Dick and Jon Randall describes her life on the road but is also relatable to all who have made choices based on the stories they could tell afterward.  “I’ve been out making all sorts of good stories on the road, it was meant to just be fun,” she tells us. “I’ve been having so much fun on the road, I wanted that song to represent that piece of my life.”

The latter, Brill wrote with Jacob Powell and Randy Montana and it delves into her personal life and a breakup that she went through.  She feels releasing both of the songs together really represent both ends of the spectrum and set the stage for more new music in the near future.

Brill just got back from a multi-city European tour and is currently working on releasing more new music, with hopes to release a full-length album soon.  “At this point, we have paired off a lot of songs from this new project, we have started releasing them without having a date for the new album,” she explains.  “I was ready to release new music, we want to just see and build a story for a full album release. We want to put it out in pieces so the fans can have time to digest each song.”

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