Old Dominion Takes Over The Frye Company in SoHo

Old Dominion The Frye Company

Academy of Country Music Vocal Group of the Year, Old Dominion, shut down Frye’s SoHo store in downtown New York City on Tuesday night. The group played an hour-long acoustic set for some fans who were lucky enough to win their way in. This was part of the company’s Fryedays event, a live music program that features intimate performances from established and emerging artists. This was the company’s first ever Fryeday in New York City, previous locations included Las Vegas, where Brothers Osborne played in April, as well as Nashville, where artists such as Langhorne Slim, Rayland Baxter, and A Thousand Horses performed.

The Frye Company is an American leather boot, shoe and bag company and the oldest continuously operated shoe company in the United States. Fryedays was created to speak to the brand’s deep-rooted history of connecting quality craftsmanship and music.

The band entered the stage waving to the crowd as frontman Matthew Ramsey said, “Hey guys, let’s play a song,” going straight into the show with “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart” from their sophomore album, Happy Endings. The guys were sporting their new Frye leather boots on stage which they received as a gift from the company before the show. Lead singer, Ramsey, asked the crowd, “Do you guys wanna hear anything in particular?” Without hesitation, audience members yelled out “Say You Do”, which was written by Ramsey and the band’s keyboard and guitar player, Trevor Rosen, for multi-platinum singer/songwriter Dierks Bentley. The frontman was shocked to hear that particular song as he continued to explain, “We don’t play this one that much because it’s a song that we wrote for Dierks Bentley so he usually plays it” then jokingly, began to introduce Bentley which made the crowd burst into laughter before playing the requested song. The band continued to play ten more songs, their current single “Hotel Key,” and other major hits including “Break Up with Him,” and “Snapback,” as well as a brand new song, called “Make It Sweet.”

After each song, the band paused to ask if the audience had any more song requests and of course, they did. Two songs from their debut album Meat and Candy, “Wrong Turns” and “Crazy Beautiful Sexy” were requested and played as well as three others from Happy Endings, “Not Everything’s About You,” “Be with Me” and “New York at Night.”

The band continuously cracked jokes with each other and the crowd all night which gave the show a special, intimate feel. “Thank you guys for showing up here tonight, one more song and we’re out,” Ramsey said before playing their last song, “Snapback.”


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