Franke Ballard Brooklyn Bowl

Frankie Ballard & The Wildcat Band Perform at Brooklyn Bowl

Franke Ballard

Brooklyn Bowl, a bowling alley, and venue hosted Frankie Ballard last night.  Ballard sang songs off of both of his albums, Sunshine and Whiskey and El Rio and played crowd favorite covers from his heroes.  Opening his set with his smash hit “Young and Crazy” then going right into “Little Bit of Both” off his latest record the Michigan native toggles between old and new music.  His latest 11 song EP fuses country with rock and roll, soul and blues together, taking fans on a musical journey of the artist’s life.

Ballard, who’s perfectly coiffed hair and leather jacket fit in with his old school vibes asked the crowd if they were ready for a little Johnny Cash before covering “Big River” and then did his own mashup of Elvis’ “Hound Dog” and “Heartbreak Hotel”, complete with the signature hip swings.

Frankie Ballard

Entertaining the crowd during his 75-minute set, Ballard slowed things down to chat with the audience, “I always dreamed of playing in the big city so tonight, on a Wednesday night to come on this stage and see all of your beautiful faces means the world to me.” Ballard closed out the night with his smash hit “Sunshine & Whiskey” and his cover of Bob Segers’ “You’ll Accomp’ny Me”.

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NYCS Frankie Ballard

Our favorite part of the show?
Spotting this fan rocking our Red Line Snapback in the audience!
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