Drew Green: ‘Dirt Boy Vol. 2’- EP Review

Drew Green’s new music makes up the second installment in his series, an EP called Dirt Boy Vol. 2. featuring five clever songs. Take a listen below.

Tennessee native and Sony Music recording artist, Drew Green is back with Dirt Boy Vol. 2, following Dirt Boy Vol. 1, that came out in September of 2020. Vol. 2 contains five tracks, including the previously released “Cold Beer and Copenhagen” and the fun drinking ode “Hooch.”

Green continues to blend genre lines on this new EP, combing country themes with trap beats reminiscent of Colt Ford and early Florida Georgia Line. The opening track “Get Up and Get It” is heavily hip-hop influenced, as Green raps what life is like being a hard-working country boy. It is a tough job, but that coffee can has to get filled somehow.

“Work like a dog, sleep like a log // Saddle up again in the morning // Work like a dog, sleep like a log // Get up and get it again // Woooahh, work ‘til the work day ends // Oooohh, get up and get it again”

“Cold Beer and Copenhagen” is more contemporary country, as the singer admits his struggle with things that are no good for him, which includes Miller Lites, wintergreen dip, and replying to this woman’s 2am texts. His temporary reassurance lives on the phrase “what’s one more gonna hurt? it’s only one more time,” well-aware that he is lying to himself and knows one day, he will need to quit her permanently.

In the title track Green uses clever wordplay to describe the type of person he is, which is a self-proclaimed “dirt boy.” He sings in the chorus, “I’m a dirt boy // wake up and go to work, boy // Raised up in a church, boy // But I’ve been known to cuss and drink // I try to live right, boy // Got your back in a fight, boy // But most of all I’m her boy, and that’s what I’m gonna be ‘til I’m six-feet-deep in the dirt, boy”

Unlike the previous two songs, “Hooch” reverts to the trap beat while mixing in some string picking. Although this track is simply about Green having moonshine in his possession, it is an enjoyable song to throw on your country tailgate playlist.  

“John Deere Blue” is another cleverly-worded track about a man using his tractor to get over a breakup. The only thing that can keep his mind off her is working out in the field.

“This broken heart is breaking ground, if I’m gonna move on I got work to do // Might’ve missed a couple spots but it really don’t matter // I was drunk on a tractor missing you, I’m John Deere blue”

Drew Green is an exciting new artist, bringing his own sound to country music. Fans can hope the Dirt Boy-era is not over and there will be a Vol. 3 in the near future.

Dirt Boy Vol. 2 EP Tracklist:

  1. Get Up and Get It
  2. Cold Beer and Copenhagen
  3. Dirt Boy
  4. Hooch
  5. John Deere Blue

Green has several tour dates remaining in 2021, including a stop in New York City at Webster Hall on December 15th. For tickets, head to his website.


Drew Green’s EP ‘Dirt Boy Vol. 2’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

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Dirt Boy Vol. 2. is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

NYCS First Impression: Drew Green ‘Dirt Boy Vol. 1 EP’

Drew Green Dirt Boy EP

Last month we introduced you to Sony Music Nashville’s newest signee, Drew Green in one of our Swag Spotlight features. Today, we present to you some brand new music by the singer-songwriter. He released his debut EP entitled Dirt Boy Vol. 1 and country fans are going to want to take a listen.

Each of the seven tracks are special and stand-out in their own way. The EP can be summed up in a few words: innovative, charming, and honest. Green finds a way to appeal to modern-day country fans, but still utilize guitar riffs, instrumentals, and story-telling lyrics that will appeal to traditional country music lovers.

The opening track “She Got That” is a bop. The song is full of swag and feels reminiscent of labelmate, Adam Doleac’s hit single “Famous.” Green unapologetically expresses his love for a special someone, dropping compliments throughout the verses. This track has radio written all over it.

“She got my heart, my soul, my back / She got my heart, my soul, my back / And whatever she wants/ Whatever she needs / Whatever it is / She’s gonna get it from me.”

The next song, “Woods,” is just as fun and funky. The track is a perfectly blended deliciousness of country-tradition with modern vibes, something Florida Georgia Line has always done well. The song feels familiar, yet unique, which is a combination you do not see very often. We especially love the unexpected banjo section midway through the song. The same vibe continues in the song “Dirty Money” too. On that track, Green relies on that rhythmic sing-talk voice, which adds to the innovation.

Of course, the singer proves his vocal chops with “Little More Be Alright,” a previously released song, and “Fine by Me.” We learned from our interview with Green that the former was inspired by a buddy from back home in a simple conversation about wanting something that you did not necessarily need. The conversation turned into a lyrically driven song and a much needed quiet spot on this project. On the other hand, “Fine by Me” is a killer, vocally-driven track. The song features vocal layers, which only adds to the ambiance and vibe of the alluring track.

“It ain’t nothin’, girl to turn it around, hit a u-turn / ‘Cuz you turn me on right now / Or we can keep driving around, girl / Whatever you want / So fine by me / Fine by me”

Finally, the record ends with the song that showcases Green’s urban influences. “Right Where I Be” is the perfect ending to a cohesive and exciting project. Just like an EP should, Dirty Boy Vol. 1 keeps fans excited for what’s to come for the newcomer.

To keep up with Drew Green follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

NYCS Picks:

  1. “She Got That”
  2. “Little More Be Alright”
  3. “Fine by Me”

Dirt Boy Vol. 1 EP Tracklist:

  1. She Got That
  2. Woods
  3. Little More Be Alright
  4. Fine by Me
  5. Money Don’t Sleep (Interlude)
  6. Dirty Money
  7. Right Where I Be

Dirt Boy Vol. 1 EP is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.





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